‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen’s Mike and Vanessa Baxter Share ‘Sensitive’ Moment That Gives Him the ‘Creeps’

by Jon D. B.

Last Man Standing‘s Mike Baxter may not like “sensitive” Mike Baxter, but fans sure do. Relive some of Tim Allen’s best moments in the role as the show’s Twitter ramps up for the Series Finale.

“I like the sensitive Mike Baxter!” says Vanessa as she strokes her husband’s face.

“He… He gives me the creeps,” replies husband Mike. Ever the man’s man, eh Mike? Such is the titular premise of Last Man Standing, Tim Allen’s Outsider-centric sitcom that continues to entertain, delight, and pull on the heartstrings of fans with its ninth – and final – season.

Viewers are having a hard time coping with Season 9’s finale being right around the corner, too.

“Always and forever!” replies fan Stephanie. “I don’t want to think about it ending. Reruns forever!”

“Damn sad!” echoes William in another comment. “One of the funniest shows on T.V.! I don’t get it!”

In light of this, Last Man Standing is currently filling their own Twitter thread with some of the “best moments” from the show. Through “Mike Moments,” fans are reliving highlights of Tim Allen’s beloved character:

Relive the Best ‘Mike Moments’ with ‘Last Man Standing’

The show’s Twitter has quite a few of the best one-liner’s from Mike’s decade on the small screen. Take the classic “baked goods” scene for example. Or way better, the patriarch’s commentary of Kyle’s family with his daughter, Mandy.

“Dad, listen. Would you say we have the perfect family?” Mandy asks.

“I’d say the top of that pyramid is pretty solid,” Mike replies, beer-in-hand.

“Well to Kyle we are the perfect family!” his daughter laughs. “Y’know… Compared to his.”

“By that measure the Mansons look like the Brady Bunch,” Mike shrugs.

Cheeky to some, sure. But for fans of Last Man Standing, the Baxters have proven the perfect family, indeed. One that’s consistently delivered on good laughs, good cries, and everything in between for a solid decade. Despite casting and network switch-ups, Tim Allen’s sitcom has proven a triumphant return to the format for the Home Improvement legend – and fans are truly sad to see it end.

For more of the best “Mike Moments,” we’ve got a plethora of Last Man Standing content here on Outsider to keep you company. For what it’s worth, we’ll surely miss covering this show once it’s gone, as well.

Sail on, Mike Baxter, sail on. And don’t forget, Tim Allen fans, that the star’s other current show, Assembly Required, is available to stream on History Channel, too.