‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen, Nancy Travis Emotionally Speak on Fans Calling for Show’s Return, Season Finale

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tim Allen conceded his “pulse rate went up” when he started thinking about the loyal following Last Man Standing attracted over the past decade.

The series finale is Thursday night. Tim Allen and co-star Nancy Travis already have said official, on-set good-byes to the characters, Mike and Vanessa Baxter. They’re out doing interviews now as they say farewell to their fans.

“My pulse rate just went up,” Tim Allen said Tuesday during an appearance on The Talk. “It’s been an amazing journey, especially from the people, the fans … You do it for the audience, that’s why we do what we do. To have them come back with such vigor, literally, it was overwhelming, humbling is what it was.

“We thought ‘no way’ and they showed up when we came back on Fox,” Allen said. “It was a whole group we honored , an amazing group of men and women and kids and families. It really is hard to describe how humbling it was and to sit there (and see it) what can you say?”

The fans, literally, saved the show for its final three seasons. Tim Allen and the show about a sporting goods executive, his wife and three daughters originally was a sitcom on ABC. But that network canceled the series in 2017. Fox revived it in time for the 2018 season. But the show, officially, will end this week.

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis Were Feeling the Nostalgia

Such an ending to a show will inspire a lot of nostalgia. You can understand why Tim Allen and Nancy Travis felt so sentimental.

“It is an extraordinary thing,” Travis said. She played the level-headed, always cheerful wife to comedian Tim Allen.

“Believe me when I say we’re also filled with gratitude. “In this business … to have a steady job for that long is very uncommon. You get used to each other and your affections grow for each other. And you care about each other. And as actors and as characters, we are all together to witness life changes and daily things come and go.

“We really watched Kaitlyn (Dever) grow up. I think she was 13 when we started, and she’s a young woman now. You know, just being with her, talking to her, talking about boyfriends and whatnot. Molly (McCook) got married. Amanda (Fuller) got married and had a baby. Tim and I, nothing changed. We are exactly the same as who we were 10 years ago.”

And then Tim Allen said: “I think we look better.”