‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Promises ‘Heartwarming’ Episode in Sweet Pic with Nancy Travis

by Matthew Wilson

Tim Allen is teasing fans with a very special “Last Man Standing” episode with Nancy Travis. He said the episode is sure to be heartwarming.

On Twitter, the actor shared an image from the upcoming episode. It featured Mike and Vanessa Baxter barely holding back tears on the couch. So best get your tissues ready, sitcom fans.

In the post, Allen wrote, “Looking forward to a heartwarming episode of @LastManStanding on @FOXTV.” It’s also been his usual tagline this season, promoting upcoming episodes. Allen said he wants to send the Baxter family off in style.

‘Last Man Standing’ Welcomes a New Additon

Us, at Outsider, have a theory on why the Baxters may be a little weepy and why tonight’s (March 18) “Last Man Standing” episode may be a little heartfelt. The show may explore how Mike Baxter became a grandfather on the show if the teaser is anything to go by.

As fans know, Baxter’s daughter Mandy had a daughter in-between seasons. The episode will apparently feature flashbacks to when Mandy was pregnant. During the episode, she wants to have a home birth at the Baxters’ house. The news certainly shocks both of her parents in the teaser. And with only a few precious episodes of the sitcom left, “Last Man Standing” will be looking back at one of the family’s biggest moments.

It would certainly fit the show’s theme to make the situation a usual source of comedy before going for the heartstrings. Having a grandchild is an emotional experience for any grandparent. A home birth on top of that is sure to make things a bit teary-eyed for the Baxters.

Of course, viewers know that the Baxters are already grandparents on the show. Their daughter’s son Boyd featured heavily in previous seasons. And the show saw a time skip of three years with its Season Nine premiere. That episode introduced two new grandchildren to the Baxter fold. Kristin and her husband Ryan had their second child of the show. And Mandy and Kyle welcomed a daughter, Sarah.

Of course, the episode could focus on a different matter entirely. Audiences will soon learn why Allen considered the episode heartwarming.

The Baxter family just keeps growing and growing. But soon audiences will be saying goodbye to “Last Man Standing” and the Baxter family. The show is currently finishing up its final season. With a 20 episode order, audiences just have nine episodes left with the sitcom family. So, perhaps everyone should get their tissues ready just in case.