‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Reveals Look at Show’s Set ‘We Very Rarely See’ in Emotional Post

by Jennifer Shea

Actor Tim Allen is getting a bit emotional as his show winds down its ninth and final season. The “Last Man Standing” star took to Twitter today to share with fans a behind-the-scenes look at his character’s desk.

“The view behind my characters desk we very rarely see in shots,” Allen tweeted. “Every place in this set has memories and laughs for me.”

Fans Say They’ll Miss ‘Last Man Standing’

Allen’s fans hopped into his replies to grieve the impending loss of the show and to tell Allen how much it has meant to them.

“This show was so good,” one Twitter user declared. “Glad I got to watch it with my family when it was on.”

“Gonna miss this show!” another tweep chimed in. “Especially the throwbacks to H.I. and Toy Story. Looking forward to your next project.”

“Thanks for sharing more Behind the scenes!” yet another Twitter user replied. “Keep them coming & THANK YOU for giving us memories of @LastManStanding that fans will cherish forever!”

Some fans replied with compliments on the set décor or commented on objects behind the desk. Others commiserated with Allen about the show’s end. Across the board, though, it was clear that “Last Man Standing” will be missed.

Show’s End Brings Bittersweet Moments, Reflections

Allen’s not the only one who’s been posting behind-the-scenes pictures to social media. Everyone involved in “Last Man Standing” seems to be savoring these bittersweet final months of the show. Last week, the “Last Man Standing” Instagram account dropped a candid photo of Allen sitting behind his desk on set while working on the show.

“#LastManStanding memories,” the show’s Instagram account captioned the photo.

Allen has also taken to posting philosophical quotes on social media lately, suggesting that he has been thinking about life more broadly these days.

Last Sunday, Allen tweeted a Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 7:14, that deals with prosperity and adversity, both of which Allen has seen more of than the average person during the course of his life.

“This showed up today,” Allen tweeted as a preface to the Bible quote. “There are no coincidences.”

Ecclesiastes 7:14 reads, essentially, “In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider: God has made the one as well as the other.” It goes on to add that therefore, no one can see into their future.

Soon thereafter, Allen followed up with a deep quote from motivational speaker William Arthur Ward. It looks like the end of the show’s nine-year run is creating some poignant moments for the people involved in making “Last Man Standing.”