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‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Reveals How He’s Spending His ‘Time Off’ Since Series Finale

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)

Fox sitcom “Last Man Standing” came to an end last week, airing its series finale that left fans of the show searching for the tissue box.

It was an emotional end to the heavily popular show that was on the air for nine seasons. “Last Man Standing” starred legendary funnyman, Tim Allen, in the lead role as a family man in one of his best performances. With the show now over, Allen has found himself with a lot of free time on his hands. His other show, the History Channel’s “Assembly Required” is also on hiatus, leaving Allen with spare time to burn. He is using his newly acquired free time wisely by doing what he loves most – rebuilding classic cars. He took to social media on Wednesday to share his latest activities with his fans and followers.

“Time off and back to working on my cars,” he says in the Twitter post. “Ok, what’s the car, what’s the motor? We are almost finished and it is a great runner.”

Last Man Standing Star Working On Restoration Project

A classic car enthusiast, Allen has worked on several projects to restore classic vehicles into ideal condition. His latest project, he calls “The Vik” has him and a team of mechanics bringing a hotrod car back to life. It is far from his first restoration project as he has a garage full of classic cars and is always on the lookout for a new one.

“Last Man Standing” fans were sad to see the show end. But they are happy they got a full nine seasons out of the hilarious sitcom. In an entertainment world ruled by ratings battles and cancelations, a nine-season run is something to be proud of. The show started off on ABC, where it called home for its first six seasons. ABC made the decision to cancel the show after the completion of the sixth season. Seizing the opportunity to nab a show with an already large fan base, Fox swooped in and claimed “Last Man Standing.” The network gave the show a seventh, eighth and ninth season to the delight of its fan base.

Allen’s new show differs greatly from “Last Man Standing.” “Assembly Required” is a reality skills competition that pits competitive builders against each other. The show reunites Allen with his former “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn. The show is currently awaiting word on a second season renewal from the History Channel. Both Allen and Karn have said they enjoy doing the show and would like to keep it going.