’Last Man Standing’s Tim Allen Shows Off Stunning Army Green Studebaker Sleeper Cab

by John Jamison

“Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen has a jaw-dropping car collection. It’s not quite at Jay Leno’s level, but their private garages are just down the block from one another.

Having grown up in Michigan, it comes as no surprise that Allen has a passion for cars. But he is self-admittedly a truck guy. And as a truck guy, he is particularly proud of his army green Studebaker sleeper cab.

The actor took an opportunity during a private garage tour for the Peterson Automotive Museum to talk about the classic vehicle. And shares a pretty funny story to boot.

“As far as I can tell, only five of these are left,” Allen said of the truck. “The guy that built this was I think in his late eighties when I found him in Eastern Pennsylvania. You know I called up and he took pictures of it, and this is a guy that probably had been in two world wars and I’m telling him I need proof of purchase and all this kind of stuff. He goes ‘why?’

The “Last Man Standing” star explains that he needed to make sure the guy was who he said he was before he sent him a check. The man apparently responded, “Well who else would I be?”

“I had no answer for that,” Allen said. That’s when the man offered to have Allen talk to his brother. Evidently, the two of them came to a deal because the sleeper cab was in Allen’s garage.

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Didn’t Know How to Drive The Studebaker

The “Last Man Standing” star continued to talk about the background of his Studebaker. He mentioned that the frame is made of solid ash wood. The materials aren’t the only thing dated about the truck, though.

“Again I hate to give Leno credit, but I had to call him because I didn’t know how to drive it. It’s non-syncromesh up or down. So you gotta find gears up, you gotta find gears down. It’s literally an upper body workout with this thing. It is so difficult to drive…” Allen said.

It may be hard to drive, but Allen’s enthusiasm for the Studebaker is infectious.

“This was the first closed cabin invented. The men, most likely, that drove this were going, ‘now well this is living,'” he said.

Tim Allen thought that was cool. And we don’t blame him.

If you want to check out the Studebaker sleeper car for yourself, the video is included below. He shows off the truck from 12:45-14:30.