‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Taking In ‘Hard Moments’ On Set Ahead of Last Episode

by Jon D. B.

Within, the ‘Last Man Standing’ star also reveals a “limited audience” will attend the live taping of their final episode Tuesday night.

“Really hard moments this last day,” Tim Allen tweets Tuesday. The television icon is having a rough time seeing his latest hit sitcom, ‘Last Man Standing,’ come to an end – and so are fans. Thankfully, however, Allen reveals the cast & crew “will get a limited audience for the live show tonite. Going out mission accomplished.”

Indeed, the hardest part of filming during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic for Allen has been the absence of a live audience. This, coupled with seeing his “favorite” sets for the last time, has both the star and fans emotional.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the final season near 2020’s end, the two veteran funnymen dove deep into how the pandemic has changed their industry forever.

“They’ve taken the ‘show’ out of showbusiness,” Allen laments in the interview. “You’re just doing your work, and the lighting guy’s gotta come in and separate. It’s Disney protocols – and they’re doing it to save everybody’s lives,” he adds, “it’s just… weird.”

“Our show is based on – it’s like theatre, but stand-up,” the ‘Last Man Standing’ star continues. “We have two hundred to three hundred people live audiences. We love our live audience show…. Not there!” he gestures. Meaning, of course, that the live audience they’ve filmed with for a decade now is no longer present. “So we have a bunch’a penalty boxes, instead,” Allen says of the adjustment with a laugh.

‘Last Man Standing’ Goes Out ‘Mission Accomplished’

For Tim Allen, all he’s wanted through ‘Last Man’s final season seems to be a return to real laughter, real joy, and the true comedy experience. His Tuesday tweet is also rather glum in imagery, with the star doubling down on how much he’s going to miss the show.

In the same interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the host asked how it was returning to film ‘Last Man Standing’ for the first time during the pandemic – without all of the above.

“It was very sad – and – it was dry,” Allen lamented. “No one knew what to do. Now, we have paid laughers,” he grins. “In penalty boxes. And they’re just up in these boxes. And they we’re getting dry after a while. So we had to get a paid warm-up guy,” he laughs, “to warm up the paid laughers, and you’re goin – ‘you gotta be kidding me! It’s different, but we’ve gotten used to it.”

Allen would go on to clarify that his sadness stems from this being how the show’s experience ends for everyone, rather than the safety protocols themselves.

“I’m more sad about – this is our 9th season – and I’d prefer it not end this way. If the vaccination works, maybe the last four or so episodes, we’ll get our live audience back for everyone.”

And as we’re hearing Tuesday, Tim Allen and ‘Last Man Standing’ have indeed gotten their live audience back for the big finale. Congratulations on “mission accomplished,” Tim.