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‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Teases ‘Heartwarming’ New Episode in Sweet Pic With Co-Star Nancy Travis

by Thad Mitchell
(Nicole Wilder/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) TIM ALLEN, NANCY TRAVIS

Popular sitcom Last Man Standing is quickly approaching the end of the road with only a few episodes remaining in its final season.

The show continues rolling through its ninth and final season and emotions are running high for Tim Allen and company. Cast members have confessed to having trouble saying “Goodbye” to Last Man Standing after its nearly decade-long run. Allen took to social media today (Thursday) to tease tonight’s “heartwarming” brand new episode.

“Excited for a heartwarming night with a new episode of Last Man Standing on Fox,” Allen writes in the tweet.

The photo show’s Allen, as Baxter, embracing his wife, Vanessa, and giving her a soft kiss on the head. Veteran actress Nancy Travis’ plays the character opposite of Allen on the show. Tonight’s Last Man Standing episode is the 16th of the show’s final season and is titled “Parent-Normal Activity.” The episode’s official synopsis says it will feature Vanessa providing her daughter with some tough lessons on parenting.

“After her granddaughter starts misbehaving, Vanessa gives Mandy a valuable parenting lesson,” the synopsis states. “Mike’s challenge is to find a meaningful gift for his business anniversary with Ed.”

‘Last Man Standing’ Finale is Only Weeks Away

Tim Allen provides the show with star power and surrounding him is an excellent cast. The show utilizes Allen at his best as a man who must deal with a world full of women he loves. The former “Home Improvement” star plays marketing maven and family man Mike Baxter on Last Man Standing. The show revolves around Allen’s character and his adventures in a household of his wife and three daughters.

Last Man Standing originally aired on ABC but was canceled by the network after six seasons. Seizing an opportunity to take over an already popular show, Fox picked up the sitcom just a few years ago. The show was retained by the network for seasons seven, eight, and nine.

Fans of Last Man Standing are sad to see the show ending in a matter of weeks but are happy to get nine seasons, a rarity among sitcoms. The series finale is next month and will be quite emotional for both fans and for the cast.

Allen already has his next job lined up in “Assembly Required,” which reunites him with former Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn. The History Channel reality competition pits builders against each other as they construct unusual items.