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‘Last Man Standing’: Watch Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter and Jay Leno’s Joe Finally Bond in Series Finale Trailer

by Will Shepard
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

The final episode of Last Man Standing airs on May 20. It marks the end of an era for the Fox television show and especially for Tim Allen. This final episode, “Keep on Truckin’,” is the final in the show’s nine seasons.

In the episode, the characters of the show will hold a funeral of sorts for Mike Baxter’s truck. After Tim Allen has spent the better part of a decade restoring the vehicle, it was stolen. Before the sudden disappearance, Mike shares an important moment with Jay Leno’s character, Joe. Joe is about to give Mike an exceedingly special gift.

In a trailer for the final episode of Last Man Standing that Fox released, the two share a moment. Leno comes in with the bill of sale for the vehicle, and Mike freaks out.

“How did you even know about the bill of sale?” Tim Allen asks Joe.

“You blabbed about it as soon as you heard from… you talk about finishing that truck more than you talk about your kids,” Joe retorts.

They just don’t win as many awards as the truck,” Mike hilariously says back.

The back and forth continues between the two Last Man Standing characters. Eventually, Mike Baxter gives in and asks how much he wants for the original bill of sale for the vintage truck.

Mike Baxter and Joe Might End Up Becoming Friends in the Last Episode of “Last Man Standing”

If it wasn’t clear already, the two characters are clearly at an impasse. “All right, all right, all right. How much do you want?” Mike Baxter says. The two go back and forth with prices. Allen is nervous about his final offering price for the bill of sale.

However, all of the sudden, Leno’s character says he wants “nothing” for it. “I’m going to give it to you.”

Of course, Mike is shocked. He asks, “What kind of sick game is this?”

But, Joe responds and says, “Look, every time you look at that truck, you’re going to remember that it was finally completely restored by your best friend, Joe.”

Mike Baxter can’t take it. He offers Joe $10,000 for the bill of sale. Joe is insistent that it really is a gift he wants to give to his buddy. Even though Mike offers him $20,000, Joe calls him “Mikey Boy” and puts the bill of sale in his hand.

It seems that reluctantly, the two are going to be friends after all. Mike might not understand that Joe has his best interests at heart, but it seems like Joe wants to patch their issues up.

The last episode of Last Man Standing will air on Thursday, May 20, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. It will certainly be an episode you won’t want to miss out on.