‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter and Jay Leno Butt Heads in New Episode Preview

by Thad Mitchell

Now in its final season, Tim Allen’s hit comedy television series “Last Man Standing” is pulling out all the stops.

Those “stops” include former late night host and comedy icon Jay Leno returning to the show in a recurring role. Two titans of the entertainment world, Allen and Leno, will butt heads in the newest upcoming episode. A clip of the Thursday’s episode is making the rounds showing the two legends arguing over inheritance money.

On the show, Leno plays the very likable Joe, an employee at Mike Baxter’s store. Baxter is played by Allen. In the episode, Baxter regrets encouraging Joe to use his inheritance money to purchase a classic jeep. Baxter does not agree with Joe’s plans for restoring the vehicle. This which leads to the characters butting heads over the best use of the money.

Leno has made several appearances on the show as the lovable Joe. Viewers first meet Joe in season five, and Leno continues playing the role in season six as well. With it being the ninth and final season of the popular show, fans are very happy that Joe is making a return. Allen and Leno have excellent chemistry together and have provided many laughs and exciting moments on the show. Thursday’s episode is titled “A Fool and His Money,” a reference to Joe’s financial planning mishaps.

Tim Allen and ‘Last Man Standing’ Cast Preparing for Farewell

Allen has, on more than one instance, said just how much he will miss the show when its run is over. He says the show and the character of Mike Baxter will forever hold a special place in his heart. Allen says he is able to relate to the Baxter character so well because he shares some of the same qualities and characteristics.

“Last Man Standing” got its start on ABC before the show was canceled after the sixth season. Fox picked up the show and renewed it for a seventh, eighth and ninth season. Allen says arriving at the set each day has been emotional for he and his cast mates as they prepare to bid the show farewell. The Santa Clause actor revives his “Home Improvement” character Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor this season as well to the delight of the show’s fans.

H/T: Fox News