‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter Say to ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’ as Series Comes to an End

by Thad Mitchell

As it continues rolling through its farewell season, Last Man Standing is reminding the show’s fans of the good times.

Last night, FOX aired the last episode of Last Man Standing before next week’s series finale. The series finale is going to be a bitter-sweet moment for fans of the show as they say goodbye. Fans are sad to see the show go but are happy they got a full nine seasons out of the popular sitcom. The show’s social media account has been busy teasing the Last Man Standing’s final episode. On Thursday, the show Twitter put out a video that draws some emotional responses.

The video features Tim Allen as his Last Man Standing character, Mike Baxter. Allen gives something of a pep talk to viewers, reminding them to “keep your eyes open” to new experiences. As only Tim Allen can, he draws laughter out of an emotional goodbye speech.

“Keep those eyes open,” the tweet from Last Man Standing says. “See you next week for the series finale of Last Man Standing.”

‘Last Man Standing’ Comes to an End

On Last Man Standing, Allen is hilarious as Mike Baxter, a marketing director for an outdoor retail store called The Outdoor Man. Mush as he does in his previous shows, Allen plays a family man with love for his wife and three daughters. It isn’t easy on Baxter as he is the only man in a household full of women but he finds a way to survive and thrive. In the video, Baxter offers some life advice that he also adheres to in his own life. Last Man Standing is full of scenes like this one.

“A couple of times a week I like to walk the sales floor and ask customers if they need help finding something,” he says to begin. “A lot of times our customers will say they just enjoy looking around. That’s the best part of life, isn’t it? Just seeing how much there is to see.”

Baxter continues by encouraging watchers to be mindful of things going around them. He says if you keep your eyes open you may just find something you like.

“You might like motorcycles or you might like watersports,” the Last Man Standing star says. “Thanks to American inventor Clayton Jacobson, we now have the jetski and you can do both at the same time. If you keep your eyes open to new experiences you’re going to find a whole bunch of stuff you didn’t even know you love to do.”

Great words of advice there from the all-time great funnyman Tim Allen. Last Man Standing will air its series finale next week.