‘Last Man Standing’: Vanessa Confides in Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter About Missing Kristin in Series Finale Clip

by Suzanne Halliburton

Last Man Standing fans — here’s another taste of what will be revealed in Thursday’s series finale.

We know, it’s tough to say good bye to a show that’s been on TV for a decade. And in this clip, Vanessa Baxter complains to her husband, Mike, about how she no longer spends much time with her oldest daughter, Kristin. Vanessa (Nancy Travis) is sitting at the kitchen table with Jen, the foreign exchange student (Krista Marie Yu) who lives with the family.

A series finale tries to wrap up all details of the show. Last Man Standing, at its core, is all about family in all its shapes and forms. We’ve watched the marriage between Mike and Vanessa. We’ve watched the three daughters grow up. And the show likes to feature Mike’s friends, including Ed from work.

In this finale, Vanessa is worried about her relationship with Kristin. When Last Man Standing began in 2011, Kristin was a teenaged mother. She now has a family and a career.

In this clip, Mike tells Vanessa he’s “off to the salt mines.” (That’s Outdoor Man). Then Vanessa says “will you remind Kristin that she still has a mother? She stopped our morning coffee because she goes to work early and our evening wine because she stays late.”

Mike quips “You know, if you started the morning with wine, you wouldn’t even notice that she’s gone. “

And Vanessa didn’t think her husband’s trademark humor was so funny.

“Seriously, Mike, it’s as if she lives at work,” Vanessa says. And Mike responds: “You know I noticed that. I notice everything.”

Last Man Standing Finale is an Hour. Will It Tie Up Loose Ends?

The Last Man Standing finale will be an hour long, so it’ll have twice the amount of time to say farewell to all the fans. Tim Allen wrote the final half of the show. And you have to remember, fans saved Last Man Standing once before. It started on ABC in 2011 but was canceled in 2017. Fox revived the show in 2018. So knowing the passion of the fan base.

Allen was on The Talk, Tuesday. He said of the fan base:

“You do it for the audience, that’s why we do what we do,” Allen said. “To have them come back with such vigor, literally, it was overwhelming, humbling is what it was.”

Nancy Travis joined Allen for the interview. And her TV family, she said, is very real. So you can imagine how she’ll feel when she’s not coming to work each day and seeing her TV daughters.

“You get used to each other and your affections grow for each other,” said Travis, who played Vanessa on all the episodes of Last Man Standing. “And you care about each other. And as actors and as characters, we are all together to witness life changes and daily things come and go.”