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‘Last Man Standing’: Watch Kyle & Mandy Riff on Life After Death in New Clip

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

The hit sitcom series “Last Man Standing” continues its victory lap as the popular show winds through its final season.

The Fox series, which originally began on ABC, is in the midst of its ninth and final season. The end is drawing near for the heavily hilarious show with the finale expected next month (May). “Last Man Standing” features all-time funnyman and actor Tim Allen and the show really takes advantage of his comedic chops. Allen, who already has his next gig on the air, is surrounded by a wonderful cast that pushes the show to be a fan-favorite sitcom.

In a recent clip from the show, Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, has a sit-down talk with his daughter and her partner. Baxter’s wife, Vanessa, also joins in on the conversation about estate planning. Planning for an untimely tragedy isn’t pleasant, but the Baxter family somehow makes the serious conversation into a hilarious one.

Allen starts the scene by telling Kyle and Mandy that the conversation they are about to have may be an uncomfortable one.

“Thanks for coming over,” Allen, as Baxter, says to begin. “A lot of this information is kind of uncomfortable, but it really needs to be read and heard.”

‘Last Man Standing’ Finds Humor in Serious Subject

The family proceeds to talk about emergency planning in the event of an unfortunate accident. Mike and Vanessa explain that if that were to happen, they need a plan in place for their young daughter, Sarah. From there, the well-meaning family huddle spirals into a hilarious take on death and the afterlife. Kyle especially does not want to breach the subject as he finds the thought of he or Mandy dying to be unpleasant. Mandy, though she tries, is unable to settle Kyle’s mind and anxiety regarding the situation.

“They call it estate planning, but what you’re really doing is planning for when you die,” the young mother says.

Baxter, of course, throws a little fuel on the fire with a joke, prodding Kyle to proceed with the conversation.

“There’s no version of this where you come out alive,” Allen’s character proclaims.

The scene is an excellent example of what makes “Last Man Standing” such a popular show. Allen and his costars are able to take a very serious matter and spin it into comedic gold.

While fans of “Last Man Standing” are sad to see it go, they are grateful the show reached nine seasons. Only a few episodes remain in the show’s final season, but it is enough for the actors and fans to receive a proper goodbye.