‘Last Man Standing’: What Are TV Ratings Like for Tim Allen Show’s Final Season?

by Thad Mitchell

Popular sitcom “Last Man Standing” is preparing to head down the home stretch and winds its way through the final season.

The show’s first six seasons ran on the ABC Network to a great deal of success. Once ABC decided it was time for the show to end, fans thought that would be the end of “Last Man Standing.” However, it wasn’t the end of the series as Fox picked the show up and continued forward with a seventh season. Now in its ninth season, it appears the show will indeed end for good with the finale coming sometime in May.

The ongoing final season has gone through 13 episodes so far with nine more to go before the series finale. The show stars actor and funny man Tim Allen in the lead role of Mike Baxter. A “man’s man” Baxter is the marketing director of the Outdoor Man Sporting Goods Store. The show takes full advantage of Allen’s comedic chops, surrounding his character with women and the hysterical family interactions that ensue.

Some fans wonder if Fox would consider extending the show’s run for a 10th season and beyond. They also wonder if the network would consider doing a reunion show or even a “Last Man Standing” movie-type feature in the future. The show’s faltering rating suggests that isn’t likely to happen and the show will likely be ending for good this time.

Last Man Standing Dropping in Ratings in Final Season

According to TV Series Finale, Last Man Standing’s ratings have taken a dip in its final season. The ratings average in the all-important 18-49 age group demographic shows a sharp decline.

The average rating in the age group through 13 season nine episodes is 0.45. The show is averaging 2.55 million viewers through these 13 episodes as well. For comparison, the eighth season of “Last Man Standing” had an average rating of 0.74 in the same age demographic. It also averaged 4.25 million viewers through the eighth season.

While the show remains popular, it is clear to see the rating are not what they were for the previous season.

In another sign that the show won’t be returning, its star, Allen, has already begun work on a new show. “Assembly Required” reunites Allen with former “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn.