‘Last Man Standing’: Will Kristin’s Son Boyd Return For the Final Season?

by Thad Mitchell

The hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” is preparing for its curtain call as the final season of the popular show rolls on.

The show stars actor and funny man extraordinaire Tim Allen as the lead character, Mike Baxter. The plot centers around Baxter navigating around his world which is full of women. In addition to his wife, he has several daughters that provide him with plenty of love but also plenty of obstacles he must overcome. Allen is definitely in his best environment on the show as the script allows him to show off his immense comedic talents.

While Allen is the primary draw of Last Man Standing, the overall cast of the show is outstanding. The show has even reunited Allen with his former Home Improvement co-star, Richard Karn. But, fans are now wondering why a particular character has seemingly gone missing from the show.

Boyd, the son of Kristin Baxter and Ryan Vogelsong, has been M.I.A. on the show for some time now and is rarely if ever mentioned. Played by actor Jet Jergensmeyer, Boyd has yet to be seen in the ninth and final season of Last Man Standing. Boyd is also barely seen or heard from through the previous season, the show’s eighth.

Jurgensmeyer took on the role of Boyd starting in the seventh season, which was the show’s first since leaving ABC and landing with Fox. His last appearance on Last Man Standing came over a year ago and now fans want to know what’s happening to young Boyd. Before Jurgensmeyer took on the role, Boyd was played by Flynn Morrison in season two through season six.

Last Man Standing Fans Wonder Where Boyd is

Showrunner Kevin Abbott explains in a recent interview with TVLine, that Jurgensmeyer had previous commitments that kept him away. He also confirms that Boyd does still exist in the Last Man Standing universe but it is unclear if he will appear in the final season.

Boyd fans were given a glimmer of hope recently, with his name being brought up in the March 11 episode. It is safe to say there are plenty of fans out there who would love to see Boyd return. Social media lit up after the March 11 episode makes mention of the young boy.

“Vanessa mentions Boyd!!!” a fan says with great excitement. “Finally!! Now where is he???”

With the show due to end in May, the outlook for Boyd’s return is grim. Still, fans are hoping to get a Boyd appearance before the series finale.