Late ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Brayden Smith Talks Getting to Meet Alex Trebek in Recent Video

by Jon D. B.

The late champion’s words ring far more precious after his death Friday, just months after the Jeopardy! host’s own passing.

One of the last great champions of Alex Trebek’s historic run on Jeopardy! died unexpectedly Friday. The tragic loss of young Brayden Smith at 24-years-old is horrible, yet is made doubly-painful for the Jeopardy! family still mourning late icon Alex Trebek.

The two sincerely enjoyed their time together whilst filming some of the last episodes the legendary host would be able to film.

Last month, just weeks before his death, Jeopardy! would interview Smith to ask him of his time on the show, and how special his time with Trebek felt. A lovely opportunity for any fan or contestant under any circumstance. Smith’s untimely passing, however, now makes the interview far more precious.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” the late champion smiles of his Jeopardy! experience. “Thinking back, a few months, as I wait for my shows to air – it’s been really – I’ve been on pins and needles, I guess. I’m glad we were able to do it, and I’m glad I was able to show what I was capable of.”

Brayden Smith: Time with Jeopardy!’s Alex Trebek was “a dream come true”

Following this, Jeopardy! comments on how much Alex Trebek seemed to enjoy watching Smith play the game. The two held excellent chemistry, as Smith’s quirky wit was a swell match for the host’s.

“I just wanted to stay there as long as possible. It’s really a great feeling to be on the set. To be around smart, nice, warm people.”

“And to be around Alex… who has been a mainstay of my life,” Smith continues of the late icon. “To finally be on stage with somebody that I’ve seen five nights a week. Every week. For over a decade – was really a dream come true.”

“The best part of it for me was spending time with him. Doing the questions and answers is almost incidental to spending time with somebody that I – like I said, who I have cherished in my life for such a long period of time,” Smith continues.

From here, the late champion gets emotional as he recounts the time he was fortunate enough to spend with Trebek. Heartbreakingly, their time together would fill the last chapters of both of their lives.

“Just in these last few months, I think back on it all the time – and really savor each moment that I got to have with him… Even outside the answering the questions and everything. Just taking to him – person to person – was really great.”

“Our current champ reflects on his time with Alex. Tune in today to watch Brayden Smith try for his 5th win in a row.”

Jeopardy! – Jan 4, 2021

Wonderful words from and for two that left us too soon. For more details on Brayden Smith, visit our previous coverage –‘Jeopardy!’ Releases Mournful Statement After Death of Brayden Smith, Last Great Champ of Alex Trebek Era – next.