‘Law & Order’ Star Carolyn McCormick Recalled A Heartfelt Memory From the First Day She Was Cast

by Megan Molseed

The seeds of yesterday reflect where we are today. For “Law and Order” alum, Carolyn McCormick, the growth she experienced from the day she was cast on “Law and Order,” until the day she celebrated 25 years of the hit series was never so clear to her as it was through a particular seed in her own backyard.

During a 2015 People Magazine report, the former “Law and Order” star remembered the day she was cast on the popular police procedural.

The actress who played psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Olivet remembered getting the call that she landed the role on the soon-to-be hit television series. She was at her New Paltz, New York home with her husband at the time.

“My husband had just planted a very small willow tree,” the actress remembered. “I remember getting the call and running down the hill.”

“Law and Order” Star Remembers the Begining of Her Role on the Hit Series

McCormick remembers telling her husband the big news on that day in the early 1990s. She had to explain to him what the show was. This was because, at the time, “Law and Order” was still a brand new concept.

The “Law and Order” actress remembered how excited her husband was for her that day.

“They just cast me and I think they said it’s going to be recurring,” McCormick recalled telling her husband. “Oh, that’s great, that’s great!” her husband responded. The impact of that moment became clear to Carolyn McCormick years later when she talked about her time on the hit series in 2015.

“The other day we were sitting out on our terrace looking down at this willow tree that is now like five stories high,” she said. “I said ‘oh, I’m doing this press day for ‘Law and Order,’ and look at that tree!'”

Just like her career as the NYPD clinical psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Olivet on the massively popular television series franchise, the willow has blossomed beyond what anyone could have imagined.

McCormick Reprised Psychologist Role on “SVU”

Carolyn McCormick portrayed the psychologist from 1991 until 1997. After exiting the show for a period of time, Dr. Elizabeth Olivet returned to her role on the series in 2002. This was a regular recurring character at this point. McCormick’s appearances were not as frequent as they were in the beginning. McCormick’s character made her last appearance on the initial “Law and Order” series in 2009, just before the show was canceled. Carolyn McCormick has since reprised her role as the psychologist for several episodes of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

The “Law and Order” series premiered in 1990 it was the first series in what would ultimately build into a very successful franchise; spawning many spin-offs such as “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “Law and Order: Organized Crime.” The police procedural drama was designed to operate in two half-hour segments analyzing the way a crime is investigated and prosecuted through the New York City Justice System.