‘Law & Order’ Star Dann Florek Once Revealed His Favorite Hunting Memory with Co-Star Chris Noth

by Megan Molseed

Maybe it was the actor’s version of “Street Justice” while filming the hit series “Law and Order.” Or, maybe it was just an incredibly odd way to pass the time. Either way, few vermin were safe when stars Dann Florek and Chris Noth were on the case.

During a 2015 People magazine celebration of twenty-five years of “Law and Order,” many of the stars of the original show that started the wildly popular franchise recalled the early days of the series.

From the development of the show, the creation of the theme music – and sounds – to behind-the-scenes shenanigans, “Law and Order” players remembered it all.

The Hunt Was Never Over for the “Law and Order” Cast

“I remember starting on the show years ago we were at Chelsea Piers and nobody was down there then,” actor Dann Florek recalled.

“My buddy Chris Noth and I used to take the golf carts and go drive all the way around there—and discover all kinds of interesting crimes,” Florek recalled. Although the star didn’t elaborate on the crimes he and his costar uncovered, he did recall a past time he and Noth ended up enjoying between takes.

“We actually would go hunting for vermin,” Florek said. “We found, and we conquered.”

The original “Law and Order” series premiered in 1990. The police procedural drama was designed to operate in two half-hour segments. the first segment being the “Law” portion of the crime-solving, and the second portion being the “Order” portion.

Florek’s Cragen Spanned Across the Franchise

Dann Florek portrays Captain Donald Cragen on more than one series within the popular franchise. Cragen was the New York Police Department’s homicide captain. Dann Florek’s Captain Cragen was with the original show for the first three seasons.

Cragen later moved to the “Special Victims Unit,” serving as captain for that outfit. Captain Cragen served as Olivia Benson’s captain for fifteen seasons before Benson took over the captain duties in the more recent seasons.

Chris Noth portrayed Mike Logan, one of the series’ homicide detectives. He appeared in the first five seasons of the smash-hit series. Later, Noth reprised his Mike Logan role in “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” as well as “Homicide: Life on the Street.” Noth later returned as detective Logan in “Exiled: A Law & Order Movie.”

“Law and Order,” which was the beginning of the massively popular “Law and Order” franchise premiered in 1990 and found a dedicated fan base for twenty years. The show’s final season ran in 2010.