‘Law & Order’ Star Jill Hennessy Once Revealed Her Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Prank to Play on Co-Star Chris Noth

by Megan Molseed

From the very first words of any “Law and Order” episode until the final moments, the show does not joke around. The actors on each of the “Law and Order” shows have worked hard to portray the nuances behind the law and order aspects of crime-solving.

From the always recognizable “clang clang” sound that audiences hear as the show switches scenes or perspective, to the always catchy theme music, each “Law and Order” series gives the audience a dramatic treat.

However, the filming of each episode can often bring a lot of laughs and smiles to the cast and crew.

One such moment occurred during filming a “Law and Order” episode during a scene involving Jill Hennesy who played “Law and Order” Assistant District Attorney, Claire Kincaid, and Chris Noth who portrayed NYPD detective, Mike Logan on the hit series.

“Law and Order” Players Bring Disorderly Pranks to the Set

During a People interview full of stories and throw-backs of the original series that started it all, actress Jill Hennessy described a moment costar Chris Noth was full of mischievousness.

“It was my first year, I’m like this young chick out of Canada, and here’s Chris Noth,” Jill Hennessy recalled in the interview. “He’s the six-foot-five guy, very established on the show. “

Hennesey went on to recall that Chris Noth had a propensity to play pranks, so one day, she decided to toss it right back at the “Law and Order” actor.

“I won’t even subject you to what he did to me on camera,” said the actress who joined the “Law and Order” cast in 1993.

“I was trying not to laugh, trying so hard not to laugh, I’m supposed to be really, really serious,” the actress recalled. “But I held it together, barely, and then the camera had to turn around for his close-up.”

The actress explains that she decided it was time for “payback.”

“Then I did that old schoolyard trick, where you crack an egg on somebody’s knee, and it tickles them,” Hennessey recalled. “It’s a serious scene, and he’s being tough, and I cracked the egg.”

Hennessey Didn’t Do A Thing! (Well, Maybe She Did)

While Kincaid and Logan (Hennessey and Noth) were trying to track down the bad guys, Hennessey pleaded not guilty when it came to her prank. Hennesy said when her costar reacted to the move, she played like many of the criminals on the show, claiming innocence.

“I didn’t do a thing,” the “Law and Order” actress joked, hands in the air. “I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

The hit series which started the “Law and Order” franchise premiered in 1990 and found a dedicated fan base for twenty years. The show’s final season ran in 2010. Hennesey portrayed Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid from 1993 until 1996. The character often found herself working with Noth’s character Mike Logan during her time on the series. Logan is a passionate New York City detective who will sometimes do whatever it takes to catch a perpetrator, despite how harsh his tactics may be.