‘Law & Order’ Star Sam Waterston’s Daughter Said He Never Helped Her Get a Role on the Show: ‘I Couldn’t Even Get a Callback’

by Katie Maloney

You would think that having a “Law & Order” legend like Sam Waterston in your corner would help you land a role on the show. But that’s not necessarily the case. This was proven during an interview with Waterston’s daughter, Katherine. Katherine Waterston joined Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” in 2017 to talk about her new movie. While there, Waterston revealed that she did not get her start on “Law & Order”. In fact, she had tried several times before giving up and moving on to other auditions.

“This is like one of those moments where I wish I could come up with some fake news on the spot. Like, I did a guest spot on the show and everyone was so blown away that they made me a series regular and the rest is history,” joked Waterston. “But in actual fact, I couldn’t even get a callback on that show.”

But Waterston did not stop there. She continued to lament the fact that she, and every other actor she knew, auditioned for “Law & Order.” However, Waterston was the only one who didn’t land a role.

“I auditioned multiple times,” said Waterston. “And I auditioned multiple times and so has every New York actor I have ever met. And they have all worked on the show.”

Jimmy Fallon then chimed in with a hilarious quip.

“Yea, everyone in our audience has worked on the show, yea.” joked Fallon. Fallon then asked Waterston if she was auditioning to play a dead body.

Waterston started laughing and replied, “Yea, I couldn’t even get a role as a corpse!”

Jimmy Fallon started laughing and pretended to be a producer at Waterston’s audition, ‘Not believable, I’m not buying it! I can see you’re breathing!”

The two continued laughing. Luckily, they can laugh because Waterston’s acting career didn’t end at “Law & Order” auditions.

Where Have You Seen The ‘Law & Order’ Star’s Daughter?

Katherine Waterston may not have landed a role on “Law & Order” but that seems like a very small and distant failure from where she’s standing now. Since her not-so-successful “Law & Order” auditions, Waterston has landed roles in several television shows and movies. Two of those movie series include “Alien: Covenant” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. She’s also starring in the yet-to-be-released movie, “Babylon” starring Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, and Tobey Maguire.

But one of her very first breaks in show business came with a full-circle Sigourney Weaver moment.

“Actually one of my first jobs in New York was at a theater in Tribeca called The Flea and Sigourney Weaver’s husband runs that theater. It was one of my first little breaks, like a 40 seat theater and she came after one of the performances and said some encouraging things to me. And I was right on the verge of thinking maybe I should go to law school or something, ” joked Waterston.

Years later, Waterston is a big Hollywood actor starring in the same movie that really put Sigourney Weaver on the map – “Alien.”

“So that was one a full-circle business with the Weavers,” said Waterston.