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‘Law & Order’ Alum Elisabeth Röhm Marries Peter Glatzer

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Lifetime)

After a short summer engagement, “Law & Order” alum Elisabeth Röhm and Peter Glatzer tied the knot.

The couple told the New York Times this week while Röhm, 48, shared the news on Instagram. The actress shared a few photos of her and the 58-year-old Glatzer from the couple’s Oct. 5 wedding day.

People Magazine reported that the couple would have a more significant celebration in January.

Small Ceremony for Röhm, Glatzer

The couple had the Oct. 5 ceremony in the backyard of their Los Angeles home. Reportedly, Röhm’s 13-year-old daughter Easton attended with Glatzer’s brother, Jonathan. The ceremony was only 30 minutes, and the group had what Röhm called “a Thanksgiving dinner” afterward.

Both Röhm and Glatzer plan on January’s gathering with around 150 guests. But this small wedding was meant to reflect the “simple life” during pandemic times. 

“We’re coming off a COVID world, and we’ve lived for the last almost two years a more simple life, a life where we’re cooking at home and nurturing each other and recognizing our values,” the “Law & Order” actress told the magazine. 

Though they got engaged over the summer, Röhm said they had been together for about a year.

“Law & Order” Star’s Movie About IVF Treatments

Last month, Elisabeth Röhm’s Lifetime Network movie premiered, and Media Village took a look at it.

The plot revolves around two women that meet at a fertility clinic. The women share stories about their struggles before forming a solid bond and a lasting friendship.

The actor-turned-director drew on her own experiences for the film, saying, “I felt very privileged to be [allowed] to direct something about IVF because I really went through my own journey.”

The “Law & Order” actress said her journey was painful and difficult while applauding “the actresses (who) really captured what is deeply personal to me.”

For Röhm, it’s her second Lifetime film. She worked on “Girl in the Basement,” which came out earlier in the year. She said she’s grateful for the directorial opportunities with the network.

While the subject matter was heavy, the director admitted that at the core of the plot is the love story between the woman. And beyond that fact, the movie is about navigating grief and finding support through the struggle of having children through the fertility treatment process

“Law & Order” Star’s Has Directing ‘Bug’

Röhm has made a successful switch to directing over the last few years. She thanked A&E Networks executive Tanya Lopez for the opportunity and praised the network’s Broader Focus program.

“To be honest, I probably would have accepted any job from Lifetime,” she told Media Village. “I have deep gratitude to the network, and I’m excited about developing other projects with them. Actually, Justina (Machado from the film) and I have some exciting things we’re working on together.”