‘Law & Order’: Angie Harmon’s Biggest Roles Since the Series Ended

by Jacklyn Krol

What has Angie Harmon been up to since she left Law & Order?

Who could forget the character of A.D.A. Abbie Carmichael in both Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit? She starred in Season 9 in 1998 through Season 11 in 2001 on the flagship show. She pulled double duty in 1999 and 2000 where she also appeared on SVU.

According to Entertainment Weekly, behind the scenes, she did not agree with the production’s choices.

“Harmon reportedly objected to Wolf’s decision to keep the ‘Law & Order’ cast working through May to stockpile episodes for next fall in case of SAG and WGA strikes, and Wolf seems to have responded with the ‘my way or the highway’ gruffness that has been one reason that the show’s six roles have been filled by no fewer than 16 actors,” they wrote at the time.

Texas Monthly reported that she beat out dozens of actors to get the role. “I’ve had to really fight to prove myself, to show others that I could act, to get a chance to audition for the best roles,” Harmon told the outlet. “But there’s a part of me that enjoys the pressure. You confront the pressure, wrestle it, and then make it work for you.”

“She brings a whole new energy to the show,” Sam Waterson added of his former co-star. “A: She has raw intelligence,” Dick Wolf said of Harmon. “B: She’s not bad to look at. And C: She’s the first cast member to have an authentic regional accent.”

Angie’s Career Beyond ‘Law & Order’

Since her exit, she appeared in movies including Agent Cody Banks, The Deal, Good Advice, and End Game.

As for television, she took mostly guest starring roles. She was a recurring character on Women’s Murder Club as Lindsay Boxer from 2007 through 2008.

In the summer of 2010, she joined the TNT’s crime drama Rizzoli & Isles.

“Jane Rizzoli is just a part of my personality now,” she told Smashing Interviews. “It’s so funny because I’ll put her to sleep on Friday nights, and she’ll wake up on Monday mornings when I’m driving back onto the lot. But every now and then, there’s some sort of altercation at the airport, shall we say? (laughs) Jane will wake up and say, ‘Hey, you need me? What’s going on? Do I need to interfere here? What’s happening?’ Then I have to tell myself that I actually don’t have a badge.”

Her latest project is a television movie called Barstow. “Follows Hazel King, a single mother determined to protect her daughter from the life she once had while defending and protecting those who can’t protect themselves,” the official description reads.