‘Law & Order’: Anthony Anderson Reveals He Was Approached To Return To Show’s Revival

by Jonathan Howard

The 21st season of Law & Order has been approved and fans should expect to see a lot of familiar faces, possibly Anthony Anderson. The actor revealed that he had been approached about making a return when the show does launch.

He spoke with Rachael Ray about the opportunity. Since the new season was recently greenlighted, it will take some development to make it a reality. Securing the cast is the number one thing to do. For Anderson, he isn’t just a former cast member but is also an avid fan of the show. As for the specifics on the upcoming season, he didn’t reveal too much.

“I did have a conversation with Dick Wolf. I will just say that. So, we’ll see what the future holds.”

Of course, Anthony Anderson was a recent addition to the show. He played Detective Kevin Bernard from the end of Season 18 through Season 20. That’s when the series came to an alerting halt. Since then, viewers have been wondering if the series would continue. Now, they finally get their answer, yes.

Anderson isn’t the only former cast member that has been approached about the show. Wolf, Rick Eid, and Sam Waterson have all been asked to return to the show. It would be strange without Wolf, and being able to bring in as many familiar names as possible should help get eyes on Season 21.

If Detective Bernard does appear in the new season it will be his fourth on the show. Anderson’s serious role on the show gives viewers a look at a different side of the actor’s abilities. He is usually known for his comedies, but as Bernard, he does a great job in the drama.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Did Stabler Go Too Far?

While fans will have to wait for Law & Order to come back for a new season, Organized Crime is in its second season. This time, Elliot Stabler has gone undercover with the Albanians and has had some interesting relations. It seems that the detective is taking his role very seriously.

In the latest episode, Stabler hooks up with Flutura Briscu, the wife of a mob boss. This is his second time ending up in bed with someone while undercover. The first was Angela Wheatley in the first season. Some fans are taken aback by the behavior. They claim he has taken things a bit too far.

“First, Angela Wheatley. Now, Flutura Briscu (I know he’s UC in this one, but did he need to take it that far?) I highly doubt this is what Bell meant when she said he ‘needs to find someone else…to move on.’ I mean, DAMN,” a user on Reddit commented. Looks like undercover Stabler is a ladies’ man.