‘Law & Order’: Anthony Anderson Calls Returning To the Show a ‘No-Brainer’

by Megan Molseed

Twitter is abuzz right now as we wait for the much-anticipated premiere of the Law & Order reboot on February 24. And, the stars are talking about the opportunity on social media. The Wolf Entertainment Twitter page even quoted Law & Order star Anthony Anderson calling his decision to return to the iconic NBC series a “no-brainer.”

“Coming back to an iconic show in #LawAndOrder was a no-brainer for me. – @anthonyanderson,” writes the Wolf Entertainment Twitter page Friday Afternoon.

The Wolf Entertainment Twitter page added another message from the longtime actor regarding reprising his role as Detective Kevin Bernard. In this tweet, Wolf Entertainment asks how had was it to “get back into your character’s shoes?” And Anthony Anderson responds by saying returning to the series felt like “no time had passed at all.”

According to reports, Anthony Anderson was ready to get on board with the Law & Order reboot reprising his role as Detective Kevin Bernard as soon as the actor heard something was in the works.

“I called Dick and when I told him I’d be a free agent in a few weeks, he said, ‘Anthony, you have no idea how happy this phone call makes me,’” the actor says of his return to the OG Law & Order series. And, Anderson notes, returning to his role as detective Bernard was a pretty easy task, even after all these years.

Returning To ‘Law & Order’ Was An Easy Task For Anderson

According to Anderson, he “slid back into the role like it was a well-worn saddle.”

And, Anderson notes, today’s climate makes his role as a black New York City detective a very important one.

“As a Black detective in New York City, he’s been dealing with issues like racism and sexism internally in his precinct and externally in the world as a Black man,” Anderson explains of his character. “This has been his life.”

Law & Order is set to premiere later this month. The popular series, it will be picking up where the series left off when it went off the air in 2010. The series will begin in the show’s 2ist season. Developed by showrunner Dick Wolf in 1990, Law and Order’s initial run lasted twenty years. It also spawned a variety of successful spin-offs including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Organized Crime. The upcoming season will focus primarily on the crimes that the detectives are solving; steering away from the character’s personal lives. A move Anderson says will help new viewers connect with the OG series.

“The magic of the show is that you never really know or get into these characters’ personal lives,” Anthony Anderson explains of the series.

“Which allows you to pick up this show at any given moment no matter where you are,” he adds. “And still be that much invested in the show and still not be lost.”