‘Law and Order’ Revival Star Anthony Anderson Speaks on Whoopi Goldberg’s Suspension from ‘The View’

by Hannah Heser

Recently, Anthony Anderson spoke up for Whoopi Goldberg. The View suspended her after the last episode on January 31.

In the January 31 episode of The View, Goldberg had some upsetting words regarding the Holocaust. She stated that the Holocaust wasn’t about racism. Following that claim, several people were outraged by her point of view.

“Her-costars, anti-semitism groups, and fans on social media immediately pushed back on her statement,” according to USA Today.

Additionally, she made her comments during a discussion about a school board in Tennessee that banned a book called Maus from eighth-graders. Maus is about a comic artist, Art Spiegelman and his Jewish parents living in the 1940s. The plot follows them through their internment in Auschwitz.

She told USA Today what she thinks the Holocaust is really about.

“It’s about man’s inhumanity to man,” she stated. “That’s what it’s about.”

Now, she is addressing the situation and apologizing for her actions. Some other actors are standing up for her during this time, such as Anthony Anderson from Law and Order. Let’s take a look at what he has to say below.

Anthony Anderson Believes People Should Forgive Whoopi Goldberg For Her Mistake

TMZ reportedly acknowledged Anthony Anderson’s message standing up for Goldberg.

In a recent interview, Anderson told the news outlet why her apology should be heard.

“I do know that she apologized and I don’t believe there was any malice, or she spoke from a place of malice,” Anderson said. “But, you know, sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment.”

Additionally, Anderson mentions that these things can happen to anyone. But no one should hate someone for a mistake forever.

Since her apology, ABC has decided to continue her suspension from the show for two weeks. The future Law and Order star made sure that the outlet knows he isn’t saying what’s right and wrong. But he wants everyone to know that everyone deserves to be forgiven, no matter how big or small the mistake is.

Law and Order Star Makes an Appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

Last month, Anthony Anderson went on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune where he stole an amazing opportunity through a puzzle.

Furthermore, NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns made a huge mistake on the show that cost him the win.

Towns only missed one word in the correct answer. But when it came to Anderson’s turn to guess, he gave the correct answer. If you’re wondering what the correct answer was, it was “Martin Short Circuit.”

Moreover, Anderson raised over $75,000 from this big win. He plans to donate this money to the Anderson Family Foundation.