‘Law & Order’: Camryn Manheim Reveals Mariska Hargitay Wants A Crossover With Her Character

by Jacklyn Krol

Law & Order star Camryn Manheim shared that Mariska Hargitay wants to do a crossover with her character.

Manheim portrays Lieutenant Kate Dixon in the flagship show’s revival for Season 21. The role is the successor of S. Epatha Merkerson’s character Anita Van Buren.

Manheim told Stage Right Secrets that “one of the most special things that has happened to me since I joined the cast of Law & Order.”

She revealed that Hargitay invited her to her home. They ended up bonding over Shake Shack meals. It was then that Hargitay made a vow to do a crossover with her.

“We hung out with her family and she welcomed me aboard,” she recalled. “As I was there she texted and called somebody fancy and said ‘Cam and I are friends and I want to do a crossover and I want to be friends on the show with her. I’m so excited about that.'”

In real life, Manheim has been a longstanding fan of Law & Order since it debuted. Once she got out of grad school and found a place in New York City, everyone was talking about trying to land a role on the hit show. She was able to guest star on the show three times as different characters each episode over the 20 years on the air.

“In fact, I was off doing off-broadway theater and everyone would be so excited when they got cast on Law & Order. My very first television show was Law & Order. I remember the play I did directly afterwards, I got to list my credits. At the very bottom of my bio I said been on Law & Order.”

When The ‘Law & Order’ Started

 Sam Waterston revealed that Dick Wolf had the revival planned for quite some time. Season 21 is premiering on February 24 in 2022, it was actually conceptualized years ago.

“Well, I was never going to put it past Dick Wolf to do this,” Waterston said in a new interview. “He reminded me today that he called me up five years ago and said we were going to. But I’ve always known that he was never going to give up on this. What an extraordinary accomplishment. This is on the part of Dick Wolf and all of his team as he would be the first one to say yes as fast as he could. It’s just an extraordinary achievement. He’s made a virtual universe.”

Some of the original cast members returned to the show a decade later. They once again filmed in New York City on the same soundstage as they did all that time ago. Waterston siad that the set is “growing around us as we work.”

He continued, “It’s like show business decided to give us a present, how would you like to revisit what you were doing 10 years ago and come at it with this brand new opportunity? And all of the credibility that Law & Order has built up over the years.”