‘Law & Order’ Creator Dick Wolf Discusses Similarities Between Franchise, ‘FBI,’ and ‘Chicago’ Series

by Lauren Boisvert

Legendary TV producer Dick Wolf says it’s all about the writing. “It’s always the writing,” he told Entertainment Tonight, “There are a lot of really great actors out there but they don’t make up the words, and the words are what people are initially attracted to.”

Wolf spoke about the similarities and differences between his Law & Order franchise, FBI, and Chicago series’. “Each show has a unique perspective that makes it stand out from the rest,” Wolf said, “They are vastly different in storytelling, techniques, and location. And I think it’s an incredibly good mix.”

The shows are similar in that they all have generally followed a procedural formula. But what makes them unique is the ways in which the writing has captured audiences.

Three nights a week are dedicated to Wolf Productions: FBI franchise on Tuesdays, Chicago franchise on Wednesdays, and Law & Order on Thursdays. It’s safe to say that Dick Wolf rules primetime television.

“It’s a very rare thing,” said Wolf, “It’s not what’s ever existed before. There weren’t shows this closely [related] before that you could do it with.”

Dick Wolf Talks Stabler and Benson Romance

Dick Wolf believes it’s the anticipation that makes the romance. He described Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson as the “moral center” of Law & Order: SVU, while on Organized Crime, Elliot Stabler often toes the line and lingers in the grey area morally.

But they’re something else when they’re together. The characters keep each other grounded, which was why their reunion on SVU was so emotional. The feelings were ramped up by a letter Stabler recently gave Benson detailing his complicated feelings for her. But don’t start listening for wedding bells just yet; Dick Wolf still believe in the will-they-won’t-they approach to relationships.

“I don’t anticipate them running off and living together as much as the audience would like that,” said Wolf, “Anticipation is the most exciting part of most relationships… the chase is always better.”

If that tells fans anything, it’s “don’t get your hopes up.” But, it also means “still believe.” It’s been ten years, there are confessions of love, there are romantic letters involved. If Pride and Prejudice taught me anything, it’s that there’s always hope when there’s a romantic letter involved.

“The shows are good and having them onscreen together I think is enough,” Wolf continued, “I don’t think you have to push it to the next level, at least not this year. I mean, as I said, you never know what the future holds.”

And that, my friends, comes from the mouth of the creator himself. So, don’t give up hope that your favorite on-screen romance will fizzle out. Tension, after all, makes for excellent television.