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‘Law & Order’ Creator Promises Revival Will Be Same Show Everyone Remembers

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Good news, “Law & Order” fans. The beloved NBC crime show helmed by Dick Wolf will return in a revival, not a reboot, soon.

Wolf didn’t give an exact release date when he announced the revival last week. But he did specify that it will NOT be a reboot, with the story starting over from the beginning with a whole new cast of characters. Instead, it should pick up right where things left off when the show got canceled.

Premiering in 1990, “Law & Order” ran for 20 years before ending abruptly in 2010. During its time, the show produced several successful spin-offs, including “Law & Order: SVU” and “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” The former debuted its 23rd season last month, while the latter premiered its second season at the same time.

In a recent interview with Variety, Wolfe mentioned how it was “worth it” to bring back the show even after 11 years off the air.

“I never give up on things I believe in,” Wolf said. “It took a long time, but the journey was worth it.”

Luckily for fans who loved the original “Law & Order,” Wolf promises they’ll see very few big changes to the show.

“This will be Season 21, so it’s the same ‘Law & Order’ everyone knows from the first 20 years,” he said. “So there’s really nothing to fix, we just want to continue telling great stories. Casting as always will be three cops and three D.A.s.”

No word yet on which cast members may or may not return for the show’s revival. But it would be difficult to pick up in Season 21 without first resolving the several storylines that dropped off suddenly at the end of Season 20 in 2010.

‘Law & Order’ Creator Dick Wolf Builds on His Success With Multiple Franchsies

In addition to running the “Law & Order” franchise on NBC, Wolf also has a hand in NBC’s “One Chicago” trifecta and the “FBI” shows on CBS. Part of what makes all of his shows successful is the way he structures his stories.

“We always approach storytelling the same way: Good writing, acting, and production values, and give the viewers what they want,” Wolf said. “That’s been our mantra from day one.”

On Tuesdays, Wolf’s three “FBI” series run, while Wednesdays are ruled by the three “One Chicago” series and Thursdays by “Law & Order” shows. During the fall premiere week alone this year, 36.2 million viewers tuned in to one of his eight shows. And several more watched one of the shows within the first three days after it aired, Variety reported.

“What stands out is the predictable nature of getting viewers what they want,” Wolf said. “The last three seasons of the Wednesday ‘Chicago’ stack and now the Tuesday ‘FBIs’ and Thursday ‘Law & Orders’ prove that traditional television viewers will binge on the comfort food of our brands.”

Now, Wolf’s looking to add the original “Law & Order” back into the mix.