‘Law & Order’: Did Fans Uncover a Clue From ‘SVU’ That Predicted Stabler and Benson Reuniting in ‘Organized Crime’?

by Megan Molseed

Did some keenly aware “Law and Order” fans predict Christopher Meloni’s return to the “Law and Order” franchise? “The Law and Order: Special VIctims Unit” season finale may be over, but some fans are still examining some pivotal moments.

After Elliot Stabler returned to the series, fans have wondered if if there weren’t some earlier hints of the return in earlier episodes. Fans are even checking out past seasons, and older episodes of “Law and Order.” Many of them hoping to find ways the hit series may have foreshadowed the detective’s return to “Law and Order.” 

According to a recent article in Express, the announcement of the franchise’s newest installment, “Law and Order: Organized Crime,” piqued some interest as to whether or not Elliot Stabler would again team up with his former partner, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

The article pointed out one fan’s keen observation. The observation notes a scene in an earlier season that may have foreshadowed the reunion.

Twitter Finds Some ‘Law and Order’ Easter Eggs

The outlet reported that the fan posted the theory on Twitter

“The fan took to Twitter to point out two scenes, one from an early season and the other from “Organized Crime this year,” Express reported. The outlet reported that the fan noticed the two were standing together the exact same way in the earlier episode. 

“The video was captioned: “It’s the parallel of these two scenes for me #eo #svu #organizedcrime,” Express reported.  

According to the article, this scene mirrors one that takes place during the recent “Law and Order” crossover event. 

“Law and Order” Fans Noted Some Similarities to Earlier Episodes

The outlet noted that the fan noted clothing similarities as well. Stabler is wearing a black suit and a blue shirt, and Benson is clad in a dark brown jacket.

“Not only are the pair standing in the position, they always used to as partners, but the clothing matches the original moment,” noted the site. One Twitter user agreed with this observation noting that “There are no accidents.” 

Some Fans are Waiting For More

Another fan tweeted that they are still having a hard time believing Stabler finally returned to the popular show. 

“I still have to pinch myself to realize he actually has returned,” the fan said. While the excitement of Elliot Stabler returning to the show has made fans happy, others are still hoping for more. 

“The day we get this again and Liv got a big fat engagement ring on,” Express noted one fan remarked. 

Stabler’s departure from the series at the end of season 12 was abrupt and unexpected. Stabler and Benson left fans without a proper “goodbye,” after the swift exit. Since then, Chris Meloni’s return has been one that fans have been eagerly awaiting.