‘Law & Order’ Fan Presents Hilarious Fake Backstory for Detective Fontana

by Anna Dunn

One Law & Order fan presented a hilarious fake backstory for Detective Fontana. In a Reddit Thread, the fan pondered exactly how Fontana earned his money. Fontana, of course, was a homicide detective on seasons 15 and 16 of the show. He was played by Dennis Farina.

The Reddit User, u/Th3ChosenFew, started a thread about Fontana just to discuss their hilarious theory.

“So I think most people just kind of assume he is or was dirty, since he walks around with thousands of dollars, drives a Mercedes, and wears tailored suits,” the fan wrote. “Me and one of my girlfriends were watching a couple episodes with him in it and then we sort of spontaneously came up with a new theory that had us in stitches.”

The Theory Poses that Fontana Has a Very Unique Upbringing

Fontana is tough, very tough. Enough to assume he probably has a bit of a rough background. But this fan poses that it’s hilariously, far from the truth.

“He may be a rat bastard, but he isn’t dirty. He’s old money from Chicago, descended from 1920s mafia dons who made it big on the alcohol trade. He’s a trust fund kid that comes from a rich family and instead of getting a business degree like a respectable citizen, he became a cop because he liked the Dirty Harry movies and wanted to play hero,” the fan wrote.

“His weird attitudes towards a lot of people or how he passes off his car as merely “alright” can be explained by the idea that he grew up in extreme privilege and doesn’t see the world like other people,” she continued.

And why don’t we know more about his family, well this fan theorizes that his family thought he was a loser for wanting to be a cop instead of something “more snooty” like a lawyer. This fan found the idea incredibly hilarious.

It’s very funny to imagine Fontana in that setting and honestly, until someone says otherwise, we’re going to just hope it’s the truth. Other fans noted that they’ve seen theories for Fontana’s money. A lot of people think it’s dirty money. But the trust fund money is significantly funnier.

The New ‘Law & Order’ is Coming Soon

Law & Order fans are having fun discussing old episodes, and characters. But soon, they’ll have whole new episodes to discuss. It feels like just yesterday when the Law & Order revival was announced, but it’ll be here by the end of the month.

The new revival is bringing back Sam Waterston for the role, so fans are incredibly excited to see it take shape. If you want to watch it when it airs, tune in to NBC on Thursday, February 24th at 8/7 Central.