‘Law & Order’ Fans Discuss Which Characters Deserved Better Exits

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order fans are gearing up for the revival. And while reminiscing over the old series, people discussed what characters deserved better exits. Law & Order ran for almost two decades before its cancellation in 2010. Because of that, there were plenty of characters to exit the series over those years.

“Which character from any Law and Order series do you think deserved a better send-off than what they were given?” one fan asked in a Reddit Thread.

To start, a lot of fans think Borgia deserved a better exit. Borgia, played by Annie Parissem was only on the show in 2005 and 2006, but fans still wish she had a better send-off. Borgia was brutally murdered at the end of season 16.

“Green & Borgia,” one fan wrote. “Obviously wished Kincaid didn’t die.”

Another fan seconded this.

 “I agree with Borgia. That was just a brutal way for her to go,” they wrote.

Green and Kincaid were also on this list a lot.

Many Fans Think the Worst Send-Offs Were the Deaths

Kincaid was actually a pretty similar case to Borgia. She starred on Law & Order in 1993 through 1996. She died when her car was struck by a drunk driver while she was taking Briscoe home from the bar.

Ed Green, however, left the show alive. However, he retires after killing a man, and the guilt of that, even though he’s acquitted, forces him to leave. Green was on the show for almost a decade.

Another character people were really sad to see go was Ryan O’Hallohan. When one fan commented that they wished his send-off was different, another fan jumped in.

“I agree. Getting killed off by a comedy relief character and then never being mentioned again was quite a slap to a long-time supporting cast member,” one fan wrote.

“Almost all of them TBH. There are only a handful of characters across the whole franchise that received send-offs of any kind, even bad ones,” another fan chimed in.

“Green, Briscoe, Kincaid, and Serena. Max Greevy’s death was very dramatic with Logan hearing his wife screaming as she watched it happen through the window,” another fan wrote.

Briscoe was also a popular name on this list. Many fans wished they at least could have seen his funeral.

No matter what send-off was the hardest for you to watch, Law & Order managed to maintain a talented and dedicated cast all throughout its run. The show was canceled ten years ago and still managed to get Jack McCoy actor Sam Waterston back for the revival. So while the send-offs hurt, a lot of fans think the show is still worth it.

If you want to catch the Law & Order revival when it airs, Tune in to NBC on Thursday, February 24th at 8/7 central.