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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Weigh In on the ‘Best Cast Members’ of the Series

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage

There is no question that Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit) knows just how to hit its audience where it hurts. Episode after episode, our hearts go out to the victims of terrible crimes.

Law & Order: SVU is a crime drama series starring Mariska Hargitay. She plays the lead detective and eventual Captain, Oliva Benson, of the Special Victims Unit in the New York City Police Department.

Christopher Meloni played the other lead detective on the show, Elliot Stabler, for 12 seasons until departing from the series in 2011. SVU also featured other big-time stars like Ice-T, who played Detective/Sergeant Odafin Tutuola.

We all know that Mariska Hargitay’s Oliva Benson and Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler are two of the show’s fan-favorites, but who are some of the best guest cast members to have made appearances on the show? One fan of the show took to the popular forum Reddit on Monday morning to post that exact question to fellow fans.

User u/lalasmooch shared a photo of Katie Nicholson. She’s an 11-year-old girl on Law & Order: SVU with Williams Syndrome, a form of mental disability. Katie gave a crucial testimony in the case of the assault against her mother.

“Season 9 Episode 4. This sweet girl, how she was written and her story was so well done. Who are some of the best-written/played guest cast members of the series, in your opinion?”

One fan agreed, saying that the character of Katie Nicholson “stuck with her.”

“This episode was heartbreaking at the end after seeing Katie get justice for her mum!” the Law & Order: SVU fan replied. “I think her character stuck with me because she’s the ultimate victim in this story, but not in the usual way.”

Some of the Other Top ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Guest Cast Members

The comment with the most upvotes in the entire thread chose actress Sarah Hyland as the best guest cast member. Hyland appeared on two episodes of Law & Order: SVU. Reddit user u/yeehawB*tchess was the first to give their thoughts.

“Sarah Hyland. Her character Jennifer’s confession scene was so well done.”

Other fans agreed. As a result, they responded with comments such as, “This comment should be up higher. She was just a kid actress but she really made you believe that committed the crime” and “Yessss so glad someone mentioned it! That was my favorite scene.”

Other fans voted for Whoopi Goldberg as the best Law & Order: SVU guest cast member. They left comments like “Whoopi Goldberg’s court testimony was an incredible scene,” “That monologue gives me goosebumps every time!” and “This! She was mad tho wasn’t she? But she wasn’t lying. I work in social services and see too much of this kind of demand on workers with very little resources or support.”