‘Law & Order’: Here’s Which Characters Fans Want to See Return for Revival Series

by Anna Dunn

With the Law & Order reboot in the works, there are certain characters fans definitely want to see return. NBC handed out a straight to series order for the revival of the series that started the franchise. During its 20 season run, the show was nominated for over 50 Emmys.

Of course, coming back after years off air may make it hard to cast the same actors. Sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that some of the old actors will be making a return to the series, but it’s unclear who they are. TV Line conducted a poll asking fans which characters they feel must return to the upcoming revival.

Out of a poll of 22 characters, Kevin Bernard came in at number 10. Played by Anthony Anderson, Bernard appeared as a junior detective in the show’s final years. Coming in at number 9 was the infamous Capt. Donald Cragen, who got 4.09% of the vote. Fans also wanted to see actor Jeremy Sisto come back to revive his role as Cyprus Lupo. Lupo ranked 8th on the poll.

ADA Michael Cutter also received a good chunk of votes, coming in at number 7. Cutter is also one of the characters that appeared on both Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU.

The Top Contenders in the ‘Law & Order’ Poll Were From Early in the Series

Coming in at number 6 is Det. Rey Curtis, one of the characters from the early series. He retired from the force in 1999, so a return from actor Benjamin Bratt would be quite the shock. Clearly, however, it wouldn’t be unwelcome.

The #5 spot belongs to ADA Abbie Carmichael who got almost 9% of the vote. Actress Angie Harmon joined the show about 4 years in and continued on the series until 2001.

Det. Mike Logan is unsurprisingly high on the list as well. His #4 spot follows the trend of characters that were on the show earliest getting plenty of votes. Actor Chris Noth also remained in the Law & Order franchise for quite some time, starting in 1990 and ending his time with the franchise on Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2008.

Fans absolutely need to see Det. Ed Green come back. First appearing in 1999, he played the aggressive detective that was determined to get cases solved, no matter the cost. Green was on the show until 2008.

Law & Order wouldn’t feel like Law & Order without Lt. Anita Van Buren. Played by S. Epatha Merkerson, Van Buren was a vital part of the series for the majority of its run. Merkerson is not acting on Chicago Med, also produced by Dick Wolf. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see her make a comeback.

Finally, it should be no surprise that Law & Order’s main face, DA Jack McCoy, came in at number 1. McCoy, played by Sam Waterston, was the core of the series and therefore gained 18% of the vote.

It’s unclear when Law & Order will return, but when it does, fans hope to see some of these faces.