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‘Law & Order’: How to Watch the Early Seasons of the Crime Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Univeral International Television courtesy of Getty Images)

“Law & Order” fans want to watch some of the popular NBC crime drama’s early seasons. But they are having trouble finding them.

Some of them shared their thoughts about this matter on a recent Reddit thread.

One person, SMELLYGLOCK, wrote, “Where can I stream seasons 1-13 of law&order?”

Another Redditor, Korrocks, wrote about “Law & Order,” “Season 1-3 are on Amazon, 13 is on Peacock (along with 14 to 20). IIRC there’s also a pirate streaming platform for all seasons but I’m not sure if it’s still available.”

Let’s stop here a minute. Peacock does have the entire “Law & Order” franchise available for viewing. As for the original series, the one that kicked the entire franchise off, the site said it’s available but for Premium account holders. You can watch the three other related series’ shows for free, but only if you create a Peacock account.

‘Law & Order’ Fans Offer Options To Watching Earlier Episodes

Back to the Reddit string of comments now.

Redditor gnorrn added, “You need to specify your location.”

Then ShowMeTheTrees chimed in about “Law & Order,” saying, “I could not find one so I bought the box set. Since cable channels pay for syndication it’s not cost-effective for them to let them go to streaming.”

Finally, Dirty_Windbreaker2 replied, “I’ve been watching on a Firestick with kodi. Halfway through season 2 right now and haven’t had any issues streaming.”

So there are some options for you “Law & Order” diehards out there looking to see earlier episodes of the Dick Wolf-created show.

Jerry Orbach Got Portion Of A Street Named After Him After He Died

Actor Jerry Orbach was one of the original “Law & Order” cast members. He played Detective Lennie Briscoe from the third to the 14th season.

Orbach, though, died in 2004 from prostate cancer. He had been diagnosed with it in 1994 and kept it out of the public eye until just before his death.

But Orbach was no ordinary New Yorker. Before his time playing Briscoe, he was an incredibly talented singer and actor on Broadway. So when he died, his family wanted to honor his memory by having a street corner named after him. It’s been done in New York City for other celebrities.

Yet his family kept butting into issues around getting it done.

Finally, in 2007, “Jerry Orbach Way” on the southwest corner of West 53rd Avenue and Eighth Avenue was unveiled. Orbach’s family and some of his “Law & Order” co-stars were present at the unveiling.

By the way, One day after Orbach’s death, Broadway dimmed its marquee lights for one minute. That type of tribute doesn’t happen very much…unless the Broadway world deems a member of their family worth it.