‘Law & Order’: Meet the Cast of the Show’s Upcoming Return

by Joe Rutland

Everyone knows that Law & Order, the OG show of the franchise, is coming back to NBC. Do you know who those actors are in the cast?

You might have heard that Sam Waterston is coming back to reprise his role as Jack McCoy. He was added to the show back in 1994 and returns as “the ultimate conscience of the show.” That’s how it is being put. Yet there are others in the mix, too. We get some information about it from Wolf Entertainment.

Anthony Anderson comes back as Detective Kevin Bernard. According to an article from the Law & Order show creator’s company, Bernard comes back to the 27th Precinct for the purpose of investigating crimes. Camryn Manheim plays Lieutenant Kate Dixon whom, we are told, will be following the footsteps of Lt. Anita Van Buren. Now, Van Buren was played by S. Epatha Merkerson on the show.

Jeffrey Donovan plays Detective Frank Cosgrove, who rounds out the NYPD detective group on Law & Order. Joining Jack McCoy on the legal side of the show are two new actors to the series, Oldelya Halevi and Hugh Dancy. Halevi plays Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun; Dancy plays Special Prosecutorial Assistant Nathan Price. People who might remember Dancy saw him when he was a part of Hannibal

This will be Season 21 of the Dick Wolf-created drama. Sure, it’s been off NBC for a period of time yet this tried-and-true show has produced some successful spin-offs like SVU and Organized Crime. We do not know if there will be crossovers involving these shows but the possibility is there.

After all, Law & Order comes back to be a part of NBC’s Thursday night lineup. What does that mean? Well, Wolf has another franchise night to his credit now. Besides the One Chicago shows on Wednesday nights on NBC, now there will be a Law & Order night.

Jessee L. Martin Would Be Open To Returning As His Character

Would there be room for one more comeback for an old-school cast member? There’s always room in the Law & Order boat. Jesse L. Martin played Detective Ed Green from Seasons 10-18 on there. While there is nothing definite, what does the actor say?

“I couldn’t possibly say, but I certainly hope so,” he said in an interview on The Talk. “There were a lot of loose ends when Ed Green left the scene if you will. … Yes, maybe.” We will take a maybe as this show gets in gear to launch a new season. Once it does, though, don’t be surprised if others find their way back to the world of Wolf.