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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Tamara Taylor Calls Acting Across from This Costar a ‘Clinic’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Max Mara)

The allure of the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” spinoff came from the highly anticipated return of Christopher Meloni to his Elliot Stabler character. The show introduced us to a new villain in Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) that’s incredibly good at being incredibly bad. From there, we met Tamara Taylor who plays his ex-wife, Angela Wheatley.

While certain characters in the “Law & Order” universe may actually be “The Devil,” you won’t hear the cast referring to each other that way any time soon. Christopher Meloni, for example, recently gushed about Mariska Hargitay saying she’s a “Force of Good.” And according to Tamara Taylor, similar compliments belong to another character in the series: Raúl’s Rafael Barba. She calls acting across from him a “clinic” of sorts, which is one of the highest compliments an actor can give another actor.

Tamara Taylor Gushes About Her ‘Law & Order’ Co-Star

The Wheatley plotline comes to a raging boil with the next epic “Law & Order” crossover scheduled for December 9th. It brings us to the highly anticipated trial of Richard Wheatley for Kathy Stabler’s murder. Now, fans were shell-shocked to learn of Raúl’s return to the series as ADA Rafael Barba. As such, they’ve spent hours pouring over all the previews to try to piece together what will happen.

We know that Tamara Taylor’s Angela Wheatley character will take the stand. This means facing both Barba and Richard Wheatley, despite her poor condition after the spring finale. It’s bound to be intimidating for Angela on-screen, but Tamara Taylor says the same could be said off-screen.

Tamara Taylor tells TV Insider:

“Oh my God, just as an actor, I felt like it was like an acting clinic watching him work. It’s just like, holy God, this man is amazing. And not only is Raúl so good — he’s just such an amazing actor — but Barba’s great at his job. He’s insane and really tough to go up against, so I as an actor was a little nervous and certainly, I’m guessing Angela was.”

Potential Spoilers For the Trial Ahead

While Tamara Taylor didn’t say how the trial actually turns out, she did reveal a little bit about her character’s performance. She then leaves fans with a cliffhanger:

“It goes as well as one would expect given her state. Certainly, Raúl’s character gets her between a rock and a hard place and unfortunately exposes — just gets his point across, which is not as fun as it could be because of course, we want Richard to go down. I think she kind of maybe flubs it up there on the stand, not purposefully, but I just don’t know if she was the tight and strong witness that Bell and Stabler hoped she would be.”