‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Actor Opens Up About Joining the Series

by Jon D. B.

Straight out of UNC’s School of the Arts, Ainsley Seiger has already become one of the newest Law & Order iteration‘s most beloved characters.

Focusing on music and theatre (see: musical theatre) for her schooling, young Ainsley Seiger definitely did not foresee her first role post-college being in one of the biggest television franchises of all time. And she’s beyond grateful, shocked, and ecstatic.

Seiger, 22, hails from Cary, North Carolina, and currently stars on NBC’s latest in the Law & Order pantheon: Organized Crime. Within, she gives life to Jet Slootmaekers, a computer tech whiz with the show’s special NYPD unit concerning – you guessed it – organized crime.

She co-stars alongside SVU vet Christopher Meloni, whose Detective Elliot Stabler originated in the unbelievably popular, long-running OG spinoff.

Of her casting in the seventh iteration of Law & Order, Ainsley Seiger says she’s “incredibly lucky.”

“The gratitude that I feel and the thankfulness that I feel for having what I have right now — it’s impossible to put it into words. I’m so, so grateful,” she tells The News & Observer June 1st.

And so far, she’s been feverously welcomed by the existing fanbase, who love her in the tech-heavy role.

“I talk a lot about how grateful I am about the reception that I’ve gotten from the fans of the show, and that is something that I’m really trying my best not to take for granted, because I feel that doesn’t happen very often,” she continues. “And it’s so easy to be mean to people on the internet, so the fact that people would be nice to me instead is astounding.”

Isn’t that the truth!

‘Law & Order: OC’s Ainsley Seiger Loves her ‘Lone Wolf’ Character

Seiger is, however, nothing if not modest. Fans love her character because of her performance, which is already receiving rave reviews from critics & viewers alike. Which is excellent for the young actor, as she can see herself inhabiting this character for a long time – as is customary with Law & Order.

As for her favorite aspect of Jet, Seiger says she’s a “lone wolf who has been thrust into this very team-playery role, and I don’t think she knows how to navigate that.

“I think she’s figuring that out as we go on. She’s very smart and very good at her job,” she adds.

While most Organized Crime episodes see Seiger “glued to a keyboard,” she does get the occasional chance to shine. This past week’s episode saw Jet improvising on the fly as she found herself in the middle of a crucial sting operation.

These scenes allow Seiger to shine, but totally bring her out of her comfort zone. Which, for an actor, is all in a day’s work.

“I would much rather be alone in my apartment than surrounded by people,” she continues. “I’m very much a homebody, even before everything with COVID happened. I don’t leave my apartment very much.”

Thankfully for Law & Order fans, though, she does so to film Organized Crime. Here’s to hoping Seiger & Jet are around for many seasons to come past the already-confirmed Season 2.

Law & Order: Organized Crime airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on NBC, but fans of the franchise can catch up on episodes via Peacock and Hulu.