‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pics of Her Doing ‘Cool Stuff’

by Matthew Memrick

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” star Ainsley Seiger took to Twitter to say she was “doing cool stuff” on our TVs tonight.

One Twitter fan was quick to respond, saying, “Don’t you always do cool stuff?”

The 23-year-old North Carolina native who plays Jet Slootmaekers posted two photos of herself behind the computer. She plays a hacker turned technology expert and detective for the New York Police Department’s Organized Crime Control Bureau. 

According to CinemaBlend, Slootmaekers gets some prime television time in the first of two “Law & Order” episodes on Sept. 30.

Star Growing Into Role

Seiger said she’d come a long way from Season 1, where she put a lot of focus into saying her lines and standing in the right place

According to Screen Rant, she’s now more confident and more aware of the tension she’s supposed to show during scenes for this season. Seiger said her character probably has never been comfortable in her life and that she “understand(s) that I can do the whole shoulders hunched thing and still be loose and present and grounded.” 

Expect her to blossom more with public speaking as well.

Also, her character has had more time to get used to the other characters on the show. She said her character “plans to come out of her shell a little more with (Lt. Elliot Stabler and Sergeant Ayanna Bell.) 

The interview also teases on another unnamed character. Seiger thinks her character maybe likes someone too much, making for an uncomfortable moment or two. Perhaps it’s another hacker? We’ll have to wait and see.

We’re just getting comfortable saying her name. Last season, Seiger jokingly told One Chicago Center if she had a dime for every time her character’s name was mispronounced, she’d be rich. The name became the discussion when she arrived on set. Hopefully, the cast will show some progress in Season 2. 

On The Attack?

Recently, Seiger defended “Law & Order: Organized Crime” on Twitter after some critics said they weren’t watching the show.

With fans still warming up to the show, it’ll be interesting to see how often Seiger finds folks on social media.

When one Twitter fan did not express much enthusiasm about the show and had words for Christopher Meloni’s Stabler character, Seiger was there. 

“TOTALLY agree! I DON’T like it, and REFUSE to watch!” Seiger says sarcastically. “Also that jet slootmaeekers girl is sooo annoying. Really don’t like her!!! She looks angry all the time, and scary NO THANK YOU!!!!”

Another fan was not digging Stabler’s goatee, and Seiger was there.

“SO TRUE it’s too hard for me to watch normal TV because I lost 3/4 of my brain in an automobile accident!!” Seiger joked. “Haha I drove my buick into a Costco.”