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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Ainsley Seiger Trolled on Set By a ‘Comedian’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

Things are rolling for Law & Order Organized Crime star Ainsley Seiger. You can call her Jet or even Sloot.

And now she’s Twitter official, with a blue checkmark by her name. Someone on the set of Law & Order: Organized Crime is trolling Seiger. Or maybe, they’re mocking her character, Jet Slootmaekers. Earlier this month, Seiger posted on Twitter:

“SOMEONE on set fancies themself a COMEDIAN.” And she attached a photo. Her character’s name, Jet, is written on orange tape. Underneath it is another orange strip. Someone wrote “Twitter verified.”

Seiger’s Character Gives Law & Order: Organized Crime a Hip Vibe

Jet gives Law & Order: Organized Crime a youthful vibe. She’s a former hacker who is very much at home on the internet or social media. She’s terrific at gathering intel. And a week ago, Jet did a crossover with Law & Order: SVU. She first recognized a Tik Tok star, then went undercover with other popular content producers to bust a couple of rapists.

Seiger is just 23. And Law & Order: Organized Crime is her first big role. She also catches a lot of good-natured grief from other castmates, including Christopher Meloni, who plays Eliot Stabler. On the show, Stabler recommended Jet for the job on the task force within the Organized Crime Control.

Is Stabler Safe After Last Week’s Bust of Flutera’s Party?

Meanwhile, Seiger’s show is about to blow. Tonight’s episode is called Unforgivable. It’s the follow-up to last week’s drama, when Stabler and the gang busted up a party hosted by Flutera Briscu (Lolita Davidovitch). Stabler is undercover, trying to infiltrate the Albanian mob. He’s since discovered that part of the mob runs a sex trafficking ring. Flutera’s husband, Albie, is one of the mob’s leaders. It seems she’s in charge of the young Albanian women.

Flutera keeps the women in a suburban home. She helps them learn English. And then she brings them to parties she hosts. One of the co-hosts was a wealthy businessman who gave tons of money to progressive causes. He opened his mansion to host a huge fundraiser. Men were allowed to bid on bracelets. The bracelets were worn by the women. You bought the bracelet to have sex with the woman wearing it.

Stabler goes by the name Eddie Wagner when he’s undercover on Law & Order: Organized Crime. And Eddie has cozied up to Flutera. When the cops started raiding the party last week, Eddie helped Flutera escape arrest. But Flutera now suspects someone on the inside is giving information to the cops. And Eddie saved one of the women and helped reunite her with her son. The woman knows Eddie is a cop. Will she talk?

Also Thursday, Law & Order: SVU celebrates its 500th episode. The show served as a backdoor pilot, April 1, to introduce spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime. Meloni spent 12 years working on SVU. The show is bringing back other past characters to celebrate 500. But it’s unclear whether Stabler will be acknowledged in any way other than a flashback.