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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Why ‘Blind Ignorance’ Was Christopher Meloni’s ‘Most Powerful Weapon’ for Acting Career

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Throughout his acting career, Chris Meloni has not always played glamourous roles. The Law & Order: Organized Crime star has noted this is the past. From small roles in movies and short-lived television series, to lower acting jobs, Meloni wasn’t sure he’d make it.

However, all these years later and he is one of the most beloved actors on one of the most beloved American television franchises ever. As for Law & Order: Organized Crime, it is one of the various Law & Order spinoffs that Meloni has been a part of. Stabler made his long-awaited return in 2020. Although he has gotten this far, there was a time when the actor was just a young hopeful.

Back in 2015, Meloni spoke with Backstage to talk past roles, acting in general, and other topics. Among the questions asked, “What do you wish you’d known before you started acting?”

To which Meloni responded, “One answer could be nothing, because my blind ignorance was my most powerful weapon.” While that seems a bit much, it makes sense. Knowing little, Meloni didn’t overthink things. However, he did pay a price in auditions.

“I would find a great audition teacher. I left a lot of potential on the table simply because I’m not a good auditioner,” the Law & Order: Organized Crime actor said. There is a little bit more that Meloni wishes he did know. “I would have to say taking care of the business side of things. It’s not enough to be an actor, learn the craft, emote your heart out. It’s about understanding the biz,” Meloni said about what he wishes he had known before.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star on Season 2

With filming being underway for season two of Law & Order: Organized Crime and there have been so many great behind-the-scenes looks around the set. There are videos and photos all over Chris Meloni’s Instagram as well as the social media pages of his costars.

The scenes and photos that have been put on social media show that the Law & Order: Organized Crime actor has a more grizzled look. With a shaven head and rugged beard, he looks a lot different than the usual clean-cut Det. Stabler. Some of the posts and photos have fans making theories about what may be in store for the upcoming season.

Fans will have to just wait for the new season to debut to find out if their theories are true. The second season of Law & Order: Organized Crime when it airs on September 23rd. Mark your calendars.