‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Caroline Lagerfelt Says Her Character is One ‘Who Thinks on Her Feet’

by Michael Freeman

In the Law & Order universe, being able to adapt and think on the fly is a critical skill that has saved characters many times. This quality is one Law & Order: Organized Crime star Caroline Lagerfelt says her character has in spades.

Speaking to CinemaBlend about the latest happenings on Organized Crime, Lagerfelt talked about her character, Agnes Bogdani, among other things. Though Agnes may not speak conventionally and has trouble communicating without Reggie, she’s incredibly observant. Noting the scene with the court reporter in a recent episode, Lagerfelt says Agnes is quick-thinking.

“I think she is somebody who thinks on her feet,” Lagerfelt stated. “You see that in the scene where she’s doing her written testimony. You know, she looks at the young court reporter, she sees she’s wearing cheap shoes, you know, cheap worn bag. She’s bored. She hates her job. She’s watching her the whole time and trying to think, ‘Can I? Yes. She obviously needs money.’ I mean, she sees that she’s poor. She’s vulnerable. She has a horrible, boring job that she hates. And I think that she thinks on her feet.”

Expanding on that, she said Agnes capitalized and made it so the clerk “can’t say no.” She cited another example from episode 8 of season 2. “And then you’ll see, you know, in Episode 8, she gets arrested. But she wasn’t planning on getting arrested. I think she’s planning all along, to get away with her and her son. But she’s not going to betray the organization.”

Clearly, Caroline Lagerfelt’s character isn’t one to be messed with. Keeping an eye on Agnes seems crucial at this point.

Caroline Lagerfelt Also Feels Agnes is ‘One of the Brainiest People’ in the Operation

Caroline Lagerfelt seems to have nothing but praise for her Law & Order: Organized Crime character. In the same interview with CinemaBlend, Lagerfelt also commented Agnes is “one of the brainiest people” in the operation.

Using the previously-mentioned court reporter in an Organized Crime episode to issue a warning for her, the reporter was later murdered. Lagerfelt weighed in on whether Agnes knew of the reporter’s fate, and the actress seems to think so. “I personally think that Agnes is one of the brainiest people in the whole operation. And I think that she definitely knew that there was a possibility, a strong possibility. She had no way of knowing who was going to be in that office, whether it was going to be Albi. I mean, she was sending her to Albi, but whether Kosta was going to be there.”

Concluding, Lagerfelt notes Albania stressing the importance of honor. On that note, she fears Agnes did in fact have a “pretty good idea that it very probably would happen.”