‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: New Cast Member Jennifer Beals Can’t Wait to Get to Work

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, Jennifer Beals is pumped about her new role on Law & Order: Organized Crime. And that’s even with knowing that on the show, she’s married to a drug kingpin.

After all, the characters on Law & Order: Organized Crime can’t all be the good guys. Besides, so far in season two, the wives get all the good lines. And they also receive a ton of attention from Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

Beals tweeted: “So excited to be joining such a great cast and a legacy show! The icing on the cake is being reunited with the amazing ⁦Ilene Chaiken⁩.” And she used the hashtag #luckyme. No, for fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime, it’s #luckyus.

Beals mentioned Ilene Chaiken. She’s the showrunner for Law & Order: Organized Crime. They both worked together on The L Word and a project for Freeform.

Next New Law & Order: Organized Crime Story Arc Involves Marcy Killers

So here’s what we know about Beals’ character. She’s married to Preston Webb (Mykelti Williamson) and is the leader of the Marcy Corporation, aka the Marcy Killers. New York’s Organized Crime Control Bureau already has Nova working undercover at Marcy.

As fans of the show know, Law & Order: Organized Crime is divided into mini-seasons. Season two kicked off with an eight-episode arc about an Albanian gang, with Stabler going undercover to bust the Kosta Organization. He did so, in part, by cozying up to Flutera Briscu (Lolita Davidovich)

Currently, the show is dealing with Richard Wheatley, his ex-wife, Angela, along with a super-hacker who goes by the nickname Constantine. But other criminal characters have come in and out of the episodes. The show introduced Preston Webb earlier in season two. Plus, Webb also is involved with Congressman Leon Kilbride, portrayed by Emmy winner Ron Cephas Jones. Webb, who wants people to think he runs a legitimate business, considers Kilbride his mentor. But Kilbride is skimming money from federal projects in his district.

The Wheatley arc should be ending soon. Dylan McDermott, who portrays Richard Wheatley, is leaving Law & Order: Organized Crime to star in FBI: Most Wanted. Julian McMahon is leaving the show, which is also a Dick Wolf production. And McDermott is replacing McMahon as head of the FBI fugitive task force. His first episodes start in April.

Here’s What You Might’ve Missed on Last New OC Episode

Law & Order: Organized Crime aired its last new episode, Jan. 20. The episode was “As Iago Is to Othello.” In it, Stabler tried to fake woo Wheatley’s ex, Angela (Tamara Taylor). Stabler and Wheatley even got into a fight in an elevator. Stabler head-butted Wheatley in the face as he taunted him about his wife. Then Wheatley mocked him back, saying he lived in his head.

Detective Bell made Stabler go for a pysch evaluation for his anger issues. But Stabler told the psychologist that he wasn’t trying to seek revenge for Wheatley killing his wife. Rather, he was trying to keep Wheatley from bringing down the nation’s economy. Wheatley and Constantine already stole $700 million by manipulating the stock market with a series of hacks.

So welcome, Jennifer Beals to Law & Order Thursdays.