‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Cast Serves ‘Stabler Family Smiles All Around’

by Anna Dunn

Law & Order: Organized Crime just posted a great picture to its Instagram account. The show finished up its first season earlier this year and is currently on hiatus. Fans are currently surviving on Instagram posts the franchise puts out.

The photo of the day shows off a behind-the-scenes look at Christopher Meloni, who plays Elliot Stabler, and the people who play his TV family.

“Serving Stabler family smiles all around,” the caption says.

The Stabler family may be all smiles behind the scenes, but on the show, they’ve been through a lot. The entire premise of Law & Order: Organized Crime centers around Elliot Stabler returning to the police force after his wife is murdered in an attempted assassination against him.

The series aired to mixed critical reception but has picked up some pretty die-hard fans. Its crossover events with Law & Order: SVU where Meloni got his start as Elliot Stabler before exiting the show in season 12 definitely help its ratings.

The ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Had a Hilarious Way of Introducing Himself to Original ‘SVU’ Co-Star

When Chris Meloni met Mariska Hargitay during the audition process for Law & Order: SVU, they had an instant connection. Hargitay described the hilarious way the two originally crossed paths in an interview with Inside the Actors Studio. Apparently, Hargitay yelled the wrong name when she first saw Meloni walk through the door, thinking that he was going to be an old friend. He responded by shouting out his own last name.

The Law & Order: Organized Crime star also hugged Hargitay, who was preparing to hug her friend.

“I was already standing up, and so we did this huge hug, and we’d never met,” Hargitay said. “He has a huge tattoo of Jesus on the cross, and so I said, ‘Oh my gosh, are you a Christian?’ And he’s like, ‘Um, no.” And I said, “Then why do you have that?’ He goes, ‘Just liked his commitment.’ That sort of sums up Meloni.”

She instantly found him hilarious, and they quickly worked well together. It was hard for Hargitay when Meloni left the show, but she soldiered on without him, starring in 22 seasons of SVU.

Law & Order: Organized Crime will premiere its second season next year alongside Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: For the Defense. For the Defense is a new show that’ll follow a group of defense attorneys, taking a look at the other side of the criminal justice system.

Law & Order: Organized Crime had quite a short season last year due to COVID-19. Now, they’re planning a full 24 episode season. The season will be told in three separate eight-episode arcs, each taking a look at a different antagonist.