‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Details His ‘Cheat Day’ Meal

by Amy Myers

In order to keep up his muscly, crowd-drawing physique, Law & Order: Organized Crime star Chris Meloni has to keep a strict regimen of good foods and frequent exercise. Well, most of the time, that is. Some days, Meloni gives himself a break and indulges in some of his favorite off-limit foods. Don’t think that means that he’ll skip his workout, though. On a cheat day, he probably spends twice as long at the gym.

During a lunch date with superfan and The Cut journalist, Andrew Nguyen, the Law & Order: Organized Crime star revealed what he craves during his day off from dieting. It wasn’t a gigantic sundae or a ton of nachos or even a slice of greasy pizza. Instead, Meloni ordered himself a plate of steak tartare with a side of fries. That’s right – raw beef and fried potatoes.

While to some, this might be an odd, stomach-turning combination, to Meloni, this is a high-protein dish that fuels his workout and keeps salty cravings at bay. The Law & Order: Organized Crime star might miss the more delectable foods like ice cream and pizza, but to him, the results are worth the sacrifice.

Christopher Meloni Keeps Up with Physical Fitness for ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’

While Christopher Meloni no doubt loves to stay in shape for his own health-related reasons, it helps that Law & Order: Organized Crime rewards him for his toned physique, too. In fact, in an interview with Men’s Health, the bodybuilding icon shared that he gets compensation for staying fit.

“They’ve paid dividends as far as me being reconnected to my physicalness and the stuff I have to do for the show,” Meloni explained, referring to the show’s producers.

And it’s clear why. Since Meloni’s return to the Law & Order franchise with the Organized Crime spinoff, fans can’t stop fawning over the star’s new and improved frame – especially from behind. In fact, plenty of Twitter memes have been dedicated to the star’s derriere. For that reason, Meloni focuses now more than ever on keeping his glutes in impeccable condition. That means lots and lots of squats. Surprisingly, though, the crime drama star wasn’t always a big fan of the booty-building exercise.

“I’m ashamed to say, they’re kind of new to me,” Meloni admitted. “I’ve been working out many years, and I always shied away. I either did the sled—everything but squats. And the reason why is because they’re very tough.”

Now that he’s reignited his love for fitness, Meloni makes squats a regular part of his daily workout regimen, thanks to his trainer Matt Pietrantonio, NSCA-CPT.

“I’m now a huge proponent of squats and I love them,” he said.

From what we can tell, Meloni’s fans love them just as much.