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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Explains Why He’s at the Perfect Level of Fame

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/WireImage)

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” star Christopher Meloni initially found his fame by playing Detective Elliott Stabler on the show. But this past year has shown that fame can manifest itself in the most unexpected ways.

For example, Meloni never expected his butt to trend online, turning him into the latest “Zaddy.” He never expected to feature on the cover of Men’s Health at over 60 years old. He never expected to return to the “Law & Order” universe after leaving the show in 2011.

But even after his brief departure, back in 2014, the “Law & Order” star talked to Elle about how he’d reached a level of fame he was comfortable with. A level that was, in his eyes, perfect.

“Let me tell you how I knew that,” Meloni told the interviewer. “There I was at the HBO after-Emmys party. I go in and all the paparazzi are like, ‘Meloni! Meloni! Meloni!’ And it was like the tenth time it’s happened that evening and I’m like, ‘I’m so over this.’ You know, click, click, click, click.”

He continues by saying, “And then all of a sudden, I hear someone go, ‘Paris!’ And it was Paris Hilton walking out the back exit. And all the cameras run to her. They all turn away from me and she goes, ‘Guys, not now. I’ll be back in one second and give you everything you need.’ It was just like, you are dismissed. And I thought, ‘That is fantastic.'”

Clearly, the “Law & Order” star loves being famous enough to have paparazzi after him, but not so famous that they won’t leave him alone every once in a while for someone else. It’s a happy medium that Meloni probably still enjoys to this day, trending butt notwithstanding.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Talks The Ups And Downs Of Being Famous

In the same interview with Elle, Meloni opened up about how he approaches this “perfect level of fame” and being famous in general.

“It’s not a reality that you’re living,” Meloni said of being famous.“You don’t know that until people don’t know who the f–k you are.”

More people likely recognize Meloni now that he’s returned to “Law & Order” and also graced the cover of Men’s Health. And no matter what level of famous one achieves, it’s definitely never boring for celebrities.

“There’s nothing banal about it. Once you’ve downloaded and accepted that it’s a give and take…Once you truly measure the ‘downside,’ it’s like, ‘You know what, b—h? Shut up,’” Meloni said. “The upside is pretty cool.”

That upside can include any number of things. It could be the notoriety, the adoration, the money. It could also be the satisfaction of putting in work on a project that really connects with audiences. And there’s no doubt that Meloni has achieved all of the above and more.