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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Star Chris Meloni Jokes He Has a ‘Ton’ of Crime To Organize

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Glamour)

With Elliot Stabler back from undercover duty, Chris Meloni knows he has a lot to do. The Law & Order: Organized Crime star spoke to fans on Twitter. A few lucky people were able to interact with the star.

If there is one show that has a dedicated fanbase, it is Law & Order. Meloni is a beloved actor and folks were excited to talk with him on social media. Of course, he had to crack a few jokes. One viewer asked, “Is there a lot of crime to organize?” A clear reference to Meloni’s show.

Of course, Meloni had a perfect response, check it out below.

“Not to get technical here but there is a sh-t ton,” Meloni said in response. When it comes to the entire city of NYC, organizing all the crime probably takes a long time. Jokes aside, his character, Stabler is set to return back to normal duty. The detective is fresh off his undercover duties and ready to get back to it.

That was signified by him shaving his beard. Without a UC mission, the beard doesn’t need to be there any longer. It was the last part of Eddie Wagner he was holding onto. Now, he is ready to get back to his usual duties. However, it appears that is easier said than done as Stabler deals with family issues and whatever might lie ahead.

The team at Law & Order: Organized Crime is going to be happy to have Stabler back. Bell and Benson have worried about their friend and colleague off and on during the season. Now, it appears that he is going to be safe from the Albanians. However, there could be something more nefarious lurking around the corner.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Confused from Episode 8

Episode 8 marked the end of the first story arc of this season of Law & Order: Organized Crime. That means that there is a new story coming and fans should be excited. However, some fans are feeling a little confused after the episode. Stabler is back. He shaved his beard. But, there is something puzzling some fans can’t shake.

Here is what one Reddit user brought up about the last episode:

“So the kid goes ‘hey I just wanted to say…’ And then the place blows up. But Stabler never reacts to this, never checks on the kid (when he definitely watching him be near that explosion), and then there’s a shot of him on the ground. Was there a throwaway line I missed saying that he’s dead? Why did Elliot not react to him in danger at all? …I’m confused on if that kid will be coming back down the line.”

They weren’t alone. Plenty of Law & Order: Organized Crime viewers were left scratching their heads at the abrupt death. Did Stabler really ignore the kid? Perhaps there will be more to this storyline after all, and we will have to wait and see.