‘Law & Order’ Organized Crime’ Actor Christopher Meloni Has an Extremely Convoluted Way to Order Food

by Megan Molseed

Recently, Christopher Meloni, star of the hit NBC series Law and Order: Organized Crime sat down with Interview Magazine to discuss a variety of topics. Shaping his glutes, eating gluten, high school sports, and even bologna, the actor talked about it all.  

Meloni hit it big on the hit series Law & Order: SVU as the rugged and tough-but-lovable detective Elliot Stabler. Soon after the hit series premiered, Meloni quickly became one of television’s favorite leading men. In 2011, however, Stabler retired from the SVU after 12 seasons.

During his interview with the entertainment magazine, Meloni discussed his own unique take on ordering food in a restaurant. 

Christopher Meloni Finds Answers With Ordering Style

“I always want to test the server,” the actor explained.

“I usually find two or three things on the menu that I like, and I’ll ask a specific question about how something is prepared, or which is more filling,” Meloni continued, adding that it is an honest answer that he is looking for when he does this.  

Meloni noted that with his love of food, he likes to be extra careful, making sure that he is ordering something in the healthiest manner possible.“I’m usually ravenous,” the star said of his appetite.  

Christopher Meloni noted that if something he finds appealing on the menu has the potential to be greasy, he’ll ask about it. Just not directly.  

“If it has the threat of being greasy, I ask that question, but not in such stark terms,” the star explained of his unusual ordering style. “More often than not I’ll say, ’If you were me, which one would you order?’” 

Meloni is always seeking answers while perusing the menu in his favorite restaurants. However, is fine with answers that don’t quite give him the information he is looking for. 

“I appreciate it when they say, ‘I haven’t tasted that one so I can’t tell you,’” the star noted. “Honesty counts. You don’t have to have all the answers.”

Elliot Stabler’s Emotion Return to Law & Order

After a decade away from playing the detective determined to seek law and order at the Special Victims Unit, Christopher Meloni returned to the small screen to lead the Law & Order franchise’s newest addition, Law & Order: Organized Crime.  

Stabler’s return to television occurred during a special SVU/Organized Crime crossover episode. During the episode, Stabler and his longtime partner, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) reunite in a harrowing episode where Stabler faces a devastating loss. The first season of Law & Order: Organized Crime is now available for streaming on NBC