‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Christopher Meloni Explains Why Stabler Is Trying to Figure Out How ‘Woke’ He Is

by John Jamison

The world has changed dramatically since Christopher Meloni last portrayed Detective Elliot Stabler in earnest. Even 10 years ago—when the actor left “Law & Order: SVU”—feels like a distant era in terms of society at present. Now the star of “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” a decade older, Chris Meloni is navigating his character’s place as a white NYPD detective in a radically changed world.

For longtime fans of “Law & Order: SVU,” it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that Stabler is now in his late 50s. But it’s even harder to believe that Meloni himself recently turned 60. Looking at him, one could easily convince themself that the actor is significantly younger than the character he portrays.

But after time away from the NYPD for Stabler and time away from “Law & Order” for Meloni, the two aging men are in the process of figuring out where they stand in modern society. And for a police officer returning to his job after a decade-long hiatus, the 2020s could easily induce a bit of culture shock. Meloni talked to Men’s Health recently about the realities of his character on “Law & Order: Organized Crime.”

As Meloni put it, Season 1 of the Dick Wolf-produced series saw Stabler walking into “a world he doesn’t understand. You know, you’re a white cop of a certain age, you’re not allowed to do a lot of things, and you’re being challenged on your bona fides on both sides. How woke are you? And how much of a man are you?”

Important and realistic questions for a detective in Stabler’s place. Meloni’s place, however, is far clearer. In fact, the actor has captured hearts and minds in his return to the iconic character. He has earned America’s adoration for his no-nonsense persona and his “zaddy-like” physique.

Even Meloni’s Co-Stars on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Are Playing Along with the ‘Zaddy’

Remember when we said Chris Meloni could pass for a younger man than the character he plays on the show? Well, there’s a reason that outlets like Men’s Health want interviews with him—the guy is in fantastic shape.

Meloni likely never guessed that he would become a heartthrob at 60 years of age. But if anyone’s deserving, it might as well be the “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star.

And his co-stars on the show apparently agree. Last week, Ainsley Seiger called attention to Meloni’s renaissance in hilarious fashion. She plays tech-whiz character Jet Slootmaekers on “Organized Crime.”

In celebration of his sensational photoshoot, which saw him pose in pink pants and a green tank top, Seigler had a set of earrings made. Not just any earrings, mind you. They were miniaturized cutouts of Meloni’s now-legendary photoshoot. It took him exactly 31 minutes to notice the flashy jewelry.