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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Could Stabler’s Son Eli Blow His Cover?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Being undercover is never easy. Elliot Stabler is learning that in the new season of Law & Order: Organized Crime as he is embedded with the Albanians. However, things at home are not going very well for the Stabler family.

Eli Stabler is getting into some nasty stuff. It was revealed in the last episode that the young Stabler is stealing his grandma’s pills. While he had plans to sell them, he ended up taking them himself as well. Now, it seems he has a problem won’t stop stealing. Olivia Benson of all people was the one who found the pills. Bernadette had raised concerns.

Fans over on Reddit are concerned that Eli’s actions might have bigger consequences.

“I wonder what’s going to happen after Eli goes back home?” User weebyalphys said. “Eli goes back home? Like I can’t believe he stole his grandmother’s pills. Like she assume[d] he would and she was right. Olivia was smart enough to put it together when it took everyone else a bit. I just hope Eli doesn’t put himself in danger, or get caught up in something that could ruin his dad’s UC operation.”

Those are all valid concerns. Especially with all the pressure that has mounted on Elliot Stabler during his UC operation. If there is anything that could compromise his cover at the moment, it seems like it is his own son and his growing addiction. Not to mention the implications it has for his family at home. His mother is living with them so she is happy and safe while dealing with her health issues. Now, her grandson is stealing her medication. Not great.

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Fans Concerned for Stabler

Throughout the thread, there were viewers concerned about Elliot Stabler. Since he took the undercover role, things have been wild. So, it makes sense fans are on edge. There is no telling where the story might go. However, these fans seem to have some thoughts. In response to the original post, there were many theories.

“I mean I’m sure Elliot will figure everything out he always does,” Cricalkatze replied. “Even when Dickie’s best friend died when they both ran away. [What] Elliot did to get the answers after knowing what his best friend has {gone} through. His friend’s mom was very rude to Elliot when all he wanted to do was find her son and his son as well. When Dickie couldn’t even go to his best friend’s funeral after he was found dead murdered by some guy.”

There has been a lot that Elliot Stabler has done on Law & Order: Organized Crime in order to protect his family and friends. So, fans think he will be able to solve this one as well. Perhaps Benson will be able to talk some sense into young Eli. He just can’t keep doing what he has been doing to himself and his poor grandma.