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‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’: Danielle Truitt, Ainsley Seiger are ‘Getting it Done’ in Photo from Season 2 Set

by Anna Dunn
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 12: Christopher Meloni, Danielle Moné Truitt and Ainsley Seiger seen on the set of "Law and Order: Organized Crime" in Manhattan on May 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 is finally back in production, and fans have gotten plenty of info about what life is like on set. A new photo from the set shows actors Ainsley Seiger and Danielle Truitt smiling at the camera. Truitt plays Officer Ayanna Bell, and Seiger plays Jet, the incredibly sharp young hacker who helps the Organized Crime department solve crimes.

“The Girls in Blue. Out here getting it done on @nbclawandorder Organized Crime,” Truitt wrote as the caption for the post. Fans in the comments expressed their excitement for season 2. For many, it couldn’t come sooner.

Before Law & Order: Organized Crime, Truitt has previously had roles in Rebel, The Princess and The Frog, and Super Fun Night.

Seiger, on the other hand, is new to the scene. This is her first major TV role. And the actor has made quite the impression. Jet is a huge fan favorite, and people definitely want to see more of her character in season 2.

Truitt’s character is in the midst of some pretty serious marital problems, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out when the show returns.

The two star in the show alongside long-time Law & Order actor Chris Meloni. Meloni starred in Law & Order: SVU before leaving the franchise, only to come back a decade later to star in Law & Order: Organized Crime. Now, the two shows play off of each other, crossing over frequently.

Season 2 of ‘Law & Order’ Organized Crime Will Be told In three Separate Arcs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first season of Law & Order: Organized Crime is only eight episodes long. But season 2 promises something much bigger. In fact, the season will have three eight-episode long storylines. Executive producer Dick Wolf explained the exciting premise to TV Line in may.

“The first third of the season is The Godfather. The second third is American Gangster. And the last third is Scarface,” Wolf explained. “And these villains are going to be really bad guys that give [Stabler] a constant source of energy, outrage, belief in justice and a different way of pursuing criminals than we’ve had before.”

But if you’re worried about what this will do with the Richard Wheatley storyline and other plot points left unfinished in season 1, don’t. You’ll still see plenty of Dylan Mcdermott’s fantastic portrayal of Elliot Stabler‘s nemesis. He’s renewed his contract for season 2, but won’t be a regular this time. He’ll just be along for eight episodes.

Law & Order: Organized Crime season 2 comes back on Thursday, September 23rd along with Law & Order: SVU. It was supposed to air with a third spinoff, Law & Order: For the Defense, but for the defense was ultimately shelved by NBC before it even began. Still, it should be an action-packed fall for Law & Order fans.